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can hernia with mesh surgery be repaired 30 years later

May 4 2017 at 12:20 AM
from IP address

I plan to talk to a Dr. Chen about removing mesh from a very old hernia repair. As I age the nerve entrapment ( I think) is creating so much weakness I can't live anything close to a normal life. It's the femoral nerve from all indications but I have been told it's too old by some doctors to do anything. I will be in LA for business this fall and plan to see Dr. Chen. Anyone heard of mesh being removed after decades? A doctor from North Penn said it's too old when I inquired a couple of years ago. I can't quite accept getting weaker and weaker if some new techniques could help me. The sociol isolation, pain and getting into my 60s make my life too difficult now what will happen at 70 or 80? Anyone know if there's more hope or options?

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Re: can hernia with mesh surgery be repaired 30 years later

May 15 2017, 3:51 PM 

It is highly unlikely you will find a surgeon willing to attempt to remove it. At this point it will be to incorporated into the tissue in that region and removing it is to much risk. Have you tried physical therapy? Had any consultations, procedures with a pain specialist? Had any ultrasounds, MRI's, etc to rule out other possibilities for the pain?

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Re: can hernia with mesh surgery be repaired 30 years later

June 29 2017, 11:30 PM 

There are several surgeons that would do this. I believe Dr. Ramshaw would be one. Why don't you consult with Dr. Goodyear?

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James A. Goodyear, MD, FACS

Re: can hernia with mesh surgery be repaired 30 years later

June 30 2017, 12:23 PM 

Mesh can be removed, certainly. But the issue is more complex. The longer a mesh has been implanted, the harder at times it is to effectively remove it. One then must consider the reasons for repeat surgery against the risks and potential for good clinical outcomes. Remove of mesh, in and of itself, is a poor surgical management for Post-Herniorrhaphy Pain and outcomes are too often less effective. Pain requires attention to the nerves in the area. Whereas mesh removal may be part of the surgical approach to Post-Herniorrhaphy Pain, a Triple Neurectomy is consider the most important component by most Hernia Specialists

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