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Is the Honeymoon over? 6 weeks in on S&T...

August 15 2007 at 1:55 PM
Bzod  (Login bzod)

Hi Denver (and others),

Stumbled upon your blog from one of the GolfWRX sites on S&T, and really enjoy it. Thanks so much for your effort in expanding the S&T knowledge base. Searching for info on S&T has become increasingly more frustrating, as the "non-believers" are increasingly more aggressive and dismissive towards those of us giving it a try. I’ve been trying to implement S&T for about 6 weeks now (2 range sessions intra-week, 36 holes per weekend), and so far I’ve experienced fairly positive results (down to 6.4 index from 8.9, with a low of 73). Recently however, I’ve experienced a couple of problems that I was hoping the knowledgeable folks on this forum may be able to address:

1.) Cold tops – Over the past 4-5 rounds I have had multiple cold-tops with drivers and 16* rescue (my surrogate 3-wood). Is it ball position? Bad weight shift? Moving the head? For reference, I can measure previous cold-top frequency in years…

2.) Spin – Wedges and short-irons are spinning like crazy, almost too much. Is there a dead-hands or dead-arms swing with S&T that may reduce that?

3.) Driver misses are pull hooks – exclusively. My guess is weight staying back which leads to the oft-mentioned hands-flipping. Will keeping more weight left fix, or am I too inside?

4.) When I was only working off the June GD article, my swing thought(s) were “weight left, hands inside, head still” and I’d just rip it. I think I may have become somewhat paralyzed by over-analyzing (through various forums, both pro- and anti- S&T), and my consistency is down markedly from my start with S&T. Any thoughts on getting back to basics?

5.) The tee-drill you mention in the forum: at what point should the tees “fall out” from the humerus/chest?

6.) Ball position on irons: my initial thought was farther back in the stance than "normal" but I've been playing everything just left of center. Is there a decent rule of thumb there?

7.) Nick Atzinger of Metedeconk was mentioned as a potential NJ-based S&T instructor in an earlier thread: Can you confirm?

7.) The pros from my home club (Montclair Golf Club in NJ) were trying to arrange a mini-clinic with Andy and Mike during the Barclays Classic in NY next week. (We have a small "in", since the GD author has a long-time affiliation with our club...) Is that the type of thing they may be amenable to? (Just out of curiosity).

Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts/replies.

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