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Advantages of hybrids

January 11 2008 at 3:06 PM
JT  (Login brutus37)

Response to Hybrid irons

Of what I have read, the Adams hybrids are great as a true hybrid(3,4, 5 iron), but as for the rest of the irons in the set...not so much.

I used to own a set of Tour edge Bazookas hybrids. I sold them 2 years back. I kind of wish I didn't. It was one butt ugly looking club but it sure made the shots go straight and far. And there is the one major plus in hybrids.

I ususaly play on municipal courses. And as we all know, there are not the best of shape. Sometimes, I find my ball resting in a patch of weeds, uncut grass, or on a bare patch. The hybrid makes it easy to pick the ball off a bad lie. With an iron, sometimes The club will "twist" because I hit it fat on a bad lie.

One of the bad points of hybrids is that you can't work the ball that much.

The Ben Hogan's AHS hybrids look like a great deal ($299 a set). I have heard Ben Hogan clubs are top notch in terms in quality. Unforuntaley, not many sets available in the Ben Hogan hybrid version. So, if you lose a club, the whole set could be shelved because no replacement can be found.

So, what to do, what to do...

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