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Forget one point...

June 14 2007 at 2:12 PM
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No Moe  (Login niroc134)
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Response to Re: My experience

Forget to mention one point that is very, very important. Your hands on the takeaway come deep inside. Rather than straight back in conventional swing, the hands come more toward your trail front hip. Also, remember to keep your hands and arms out of the swing.

I went to the range at lunch. I was hitting every club great except the driver. Hitting? More like crushing the ball! My five iron was 190. The driver was just average. I was hitting my 5 wood well over 200 yds in the air (no roll). That is about only 30 yds shorter than my driver.

With the roll, a fairway wood would have me sitting more in the fairway plus a chance to attack the pin more. I really should think about playing smart and buy a decent three wood and tee off with it. Because with this swing, you can really hit with your irons. So what if I am 20 yds shorter than the average drive? I will be sitting in the fairway attacking the flag more.

Good luck with the swing. I am sure you will not be dissappointed.

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