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Yo Justin

July 27 2007 at 5:17 AM
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Response to Re: Austin update

Hey Justin, yeah I haven't gotten to play as much this year so far, busy riding motorcycles and driving my new car around Hibby's right in that the pivot causes rotation to occur, I just had a bad habit of over rotating my shoulders so I had to force myself to keep that from happening. Of course there's a way to overexaggerate the moves which you may have done so maybe just think of "elongating" your left side, like in shauger's rope drill where the hips move laterally and rotate causing your body to "elongate", ie, your side stretches on the backswing and then reverse that same degree of stretch on the downswing. In shauger's dvd he overemphasizes these moves and feelings but when you actually swing they're not as extreme, so to me here's the progression of my austin development:

1. Grip/Hand movement during the swing
2. Pivot (must overexaggerate to learn proper sequence)
3. timing

Sacto83 told me the hardest part to the austin swing was timing, it's amazing how slow you can actually do the swing and still hit the ball a good ways. Proper sequencing is the key to this swing, if something's out of sequence expect some bad shots. I am now going to work on timing as I have a tendency like most amateurs to kill the ball, which probably caused my over rotation of the shoulders to begin with.

I think you should stick with one swing buddy, for me, austin will be my last golf swing you can't switch to the flavor of the month like most of us on here do

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