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Why countersteering revealed!

August 6 2007 at 8:37 AM
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George Hibbard  (Login GeorgeHibbard)
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Response to Another good example of Counter steering

The youtube clip of the biker making circles shows why the counter steering is necessary - something I didn't see before. If the front wheel were in the direction of the turn in this little thingee the biker is doing, the front wheel would not have the friction required to prevent it BACKING OUT. The counter-steering puts the wheel at right angles to the torque of the whole bike--specifically as he is making a counterclockwise circle, were he to turn the wheel to the left, the tire would simply roll backwards and collapse the bike onto the ground to the biker's left side. But with the center of mass as high as it is, and with the lean at such an angle, steering the wheel to the right offers a perfect "skid" barrier much like that of a skier who tilts his skis up against the snow in order to make a turn. HE POSTS HIS BUTT AGAINST THE SNOW IN ORDER TO PUSH AWAY from it.

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