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August 8 2007 at 12:19 PM
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Ballfour  (Login Ballfour)
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Response to You don't have to countersteer to turn, all you need to do is a weight shift! N/T

You should take a ride on the "No B.S. Machine" to see the effects of weight shift. ( or lack of )

They took a Kawasaki and mounted a second set of handle bars into a solid mounting that would not allow handle bar steering. There is a second set of throttle controls so the bikes stability could be maintained.

This makes countersteering impossible when using the solid handle bars. According to you, weight shift steering is the way turns are made so this should not be a problem.

The results after testing over 100 riders who swear they turn by weight shift (like you Chaz) revealed that EVERY SINGLE ONE became a believer in countersteering. No matter how you tug or push or pull or jump around you can't steer the bike. No method of weight shift worked effectively in turning the bike. NONE!

Countersteering occurs at all speeds. It's the ONLY way to turn with any degree of accuracy,efficiency, quickness or smoothness.

People who talk big B.S. should take a ride on the 'No BS machine' to see how wrong they are.

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