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August 16 2007 at 5:41 PM
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Scott  (Login scottiii)
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Response to Chaz is not OTT

Mr. Ham,

Of course you're right - OTT is meaningless in terms of this analysis.

However, to win the arguement you have to point out that the game is largely about where the shaft points as the club is starting down. Chaz's club is too flat at the top and he makes a move to realign the shaft to his chosen plane. At the start of the downswing, those whose shafts point beyond the plane (outside the target line) either need to rotate the arm to point to the baseline or are doomed to swinging and thus releasing underplane. Those whose shafts point inside the plane are doomed to swinging and releasing over the plane (correction by counterrotating the left arm is the "loopers" option).

Not only do these two camps risk "warping" the swing plane, they would find it impossible to release and achieve consistently square impact. At best, their destiny is constant mi****s.

Tough camera angle for analyzing but Chaz's pull hooks are due to the shaft pointing inside the plane at the start down coupled with a quick loss of left wristcock.

Chaz needs to understand that top swings are all about precision and fairly precise alignments. He needs to donate to his local library his Redman, Jones, and De La Torre books. He needs a full length mirror. On second thought, he needs a room full of mirrors.


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