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September 2 2007 at 5:23 PM
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Response to I'm trying to see

Any vertical movement of the left thumb in the TOP of the backswing (wristcock, strictly speaking) is allowed to uncock on the way down pretty early, as compared to the model I believe you are thinking.

But the FOLDED BACK RIGHT HAND = dorsally flexed, REMAINS in that position until a hair before impact--as will a bit of left hand palm flex. The folded positions do not remain folded back completely until the ball is gone: the two hands/wrists are UNFOLDING DURING impact -- the left hand unfolds backwards (dorsally flexes) simultaneously with the right hand flattening. The rollover is later.

It is noteworthy that Austin, Andrisani, and the followers of this concept - many following Austin and many others simply either from instinct of descendents of instruction of the same ilk - agree on this hand action.

Austin got accused of "casting" because of his uncocking so early in the DS. But that is because viewers, and students of the game not intimately taught the subtleties, did not realize the OTHER exertions that are so important AND THAT ANDRISANI TOOK THE TROUBLE TO IDENTIFY AND EMPHASIZE. I.e., the deliberate use of the muscles of the right forearm unfolding the right hand ALONG WITH their own natural release caused by the momentum OF the throw. Just like a fastball pitcher - flicking the wrist WITH DELIBERATE FORCE at the last instant = the tip of a whip assisted by a "snap."

He, Andrisani, and of course Austin, are very clear in the point I make: that the right wrist is unfolding during the last instant prior to impact, reaching a position with the wrist STILL BENT BUT BENT LESS than flattened. The direction of the release is NOT a twisting motion or rolling clubface counterclockwise beyond that necessarily due to the arms moving counterclockwise with respect to the shoulders. The clubFACE releases square to its arc and the golfer's description of his action is "an uppercut punch," "down, under, and up," and sometimes in exaggerations used by SOME who do that to try to get a pupil to get it, a 'cut shot' - which implies a deliberately applied FOREARM clockwise snap, which is NOT what is really done. The exaggeration is to shatter the previous bias and introduce a new feeling; I don't teach that way but I often DO teach by exaggeration when it is not to introduce a DIFFERENT element, where I only want to make clear what the REAL element is supposed to be.

There is an anatomically induced rollover AFTER THE BENDBACK of the left hand - dorsal flexion not as severe you phrase it, -- but the back of the right hand DOES ALIGN WITH THE RIGHT FOREARM and that PUTS the left hand into SOME dorsally flexed orientation. Both hands are never flat to their forearms at the same time.

Take a look at the top of Hogan's followthrough with the club across his back. See the extreme dorsally flexed left wrist. This will occur in this swing.

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