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September 8 2007 at 5:01 AM
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Scott  (Login scottiii)
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Don't take my remarks as being overly critical. In all honesty, I think you're close. I think you're slightly off in understanding the wrist/hand positioning in that no matter how you travel to the top, the left wrist has to be cocked and the right wrist bent back. Your idea of no-roll is actually a roll whether you think so or not.

Where we part is your concept of a deliberate flexing of the right wrist. One might want to consider the flexing if adequate clubhead velocity is not developed or if your hands/wrists are out of position to react to the force of the clubhead. Perhaps you are missing out on some of those "invisible exertions" from the top that make it possible to keep the clubhead inside the hands and allow the clubhead to release the hands, faster and more accurately than you can "exert" yourself.


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