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You are certainly welcome MR Chazman --I sent out

September 17 2007 at 5:54 AM
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Justin Cordell  (Login golfballhunter)
from IP address

Response to Thanks Justin.

so many boxes that i forget all what i sent you.

Swing Machine Golf is a very good book- Paul Wilson
has posted on Peter's site before.
I like the way the book is produced with lots
of pictures- almost too many.
I also like the way Paul gives you 3 options on how to
start the down swing.
Did I send you a double VCR set in red boxes?
by MCLEAN-don't remember the name exactly.
HE is good also.

I sent you AJ because i thought it would aggravate you.
I guess all your training as a Detective has
taught you how to remain calm in all circumstances.
Why don't you send it to Ham C.O.D

Swing Machine Golf is the most detailed book I've
ever read- take your time and do each part until
you get it right before moving to the next part.
The hardest part of the book for me was getting
the posture right and maintaining it till the end
of the swing. I tend to stand up through the ball.
TOO bad Paul didn't provide a crotch hook with the


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