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Re: Hi Justin

January 28 2008 at 8:04 AM
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Response to Re: Hi Justin

Hitting a 5 iron on frozen ground means you need to plan on plenty of roll We were playing Winter Rules (lift,clean and PLACE),so you found some grass to place the ball. With my Callaway X12 Pro Series irons (Rifle shafts), there never is a shot that stings your hands.Hit it on the top,toward the heel,top of clubface, bottom of the clubface and you never get a stinging shot.


BFK, can you be more pacific about what you mean by "I try to get
my hands to cover the ball."

In your bent over position at address,when you look at your hands and then the the ground,you usually see the hands somewhere near your feet;right? OK, as you come through impact,try to see your hands pass over the ball (that is "cover" it)

Make sense?

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