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Stroke is very close to Nicklaus's putting stroke.

February 3 2008 at 1:21 AM
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Response to Welcome back as well Mr. Chazman. before you left you began a swing of the month

It is very versatile, and changing the ball placement at address is all you need to change the height of the shots.

I personally use almost every club in the bag to chip with, SW through 3 iron, and some times even a hybrid 1 iron.

The key to this swing is keeping all your weight forward during the swing, if you have too much weight on the trail side, you will tend to top the ball.

You also don't use an open stance, you use a square stance at address, and this improves your aim immensely, I usually chip at least one or two chip shots in the hole per round, this short game method is the only reason I have a index as low as I do, when you can chip them within 3-5 ft. constantly, you will be surprised how much your putting average improves!

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