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Thanks for the response Dan- What i was refering to was

May 24 2008 at 1:31 PM
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Justin Cordell  (Login golfballhunter)
from IP address

Response to The lift in the right foot

you club face lifts off the ground just a bit
before you start back KINDA LIKE IT lightly brushes the - top of the mat- the club head seems to hovver just
above the ground before you begin your back swing - anyway great swing!! Hope you will do a full video one
day. the guys at OPH might like to come film you
and sell and produce the vid- they do some good
vids sometime.- Dan my idea, i want 10% of the

ON a personall note , i know you are in the banking
business and i wonder if you might have some ideas
for my family and me.
AS a group we own 3 houses- 1 completly paid for.
another with a 1200k a month payment, and another
with a 1500k amonth payment- and we can't sell
any one of them and the payments and insurance

is eating us alive. The 1200 a month was an investment
we bought 2yrs ago pretty cheap to fix up but
no one will buy it at this time and i don't think
we can sell it even for what we bought it for.
WE also own a lot free and clear worth about
375k and we can't sell that either.

AS a banker do you have any ideas?
There is a lot of infighting in the group.

I say sell everything we have for what we can get
except for the house that is paid for and get
the devil up there.
If WE do that i think we would have the one house
free and clear and about 200k in the bank.
That sounds good to me but other members are
determined to get more for the property in this bad
housing time.
I would like to discuss your ideas and opinions
on this and i know this is not the right forum.
My e-mail adress is
if you might be able to add something to this.
Maybe i should post this on your site where it is more
appropriate- sorry spell check on the fritz today
I might point out that two of the houses are on a golf


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