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Planting Spores

May 15 2011 at 9:55 AM
Mike  (Login silentshroomer)

I recently purchased spores with and have planted the spores in my back yard. I am just wondering if anyone on the board has had success with the spores or if I just wasted 40 bucks? I figure for thits and giggles I would see if I can get them to grow. If anyone has pictures of their gardens Id love to see them! I have not been in the woods here in Ohio for a week so I am not sure if they are still popping up here but this year has been an alright year however I have noticed my spots are deteriorating maybe we have had too much rain... Either way Im curious to hear if anyone has had luck so hit me back!

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(Login shuz)

Morel growing difficulties

May 16 2011, 2:30 AM 

From all the reading I've done on Morels it is very difficult to cultivate them on purpose. In the case of Morels growing in my back yard the mushrooms grow along old decaying roots of a 50 year old elm. The area where they grow gets almost no direct sunlight and the soil is fairly rich in that area as well. I have a number of bad mushrooms that grow on the edges of the areas were the morels grow. One more tidbit is that the mushrooms didn't show up for the first time until about 2 years after the elm tree was removed. I've heard of Morels showing up under oaks, poplars, elms, and maples. If I were to attempt to cultivate morels I would probably inoculate logs or large roots from trees that you cut down yourself or were very freshly cut down. Then drill holes 6-9 inches apart put the spores in the holes and gently cover the holes with sawdust and hot cheese wax on the very top (standard mushroom log inoculation). Then I would bury the logs or roots and cover with 4-6 inches of really good rich soil. Good compost might work or spent mushroom soil that you can pick up from hardware stores may work as well. Then give it a few years and see what happens. I'd be curious to hear if anyone out there has successfully force cultivated morels. Good luck

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(Login nannymay1969)

Re: Morel growing difficulties

June 17 2011, 1:48 PM 

If this is any help, most of the morels I found were along roots of two crabapple trees (one alive, one dead and gone since last year). Another detail that might be of interest...both trees have/had some kind of fungus for a few years now.

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