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The Eastarth I know.

February 17 2010 at 1:11 PM
Count Drax 


Generally Mordrig has a fairly accurate albeit twisted idea of what happened in Eastarth. Yes Melfibious was killed out on one of the islands; no it was not murder. The man was an evil git and deserved death. Haan and Vashty were fighting to get control of the town and wrest that control from the actual ruler Prince Juppa. Drago laid a claim on the town through some bizarre link with the Overlord (Perhaps because they are both Dragons) and used that leverage to force Prince Juppa to accept command of the army that is being dispatched to destroy that other evil presence in the north; Amaranti. Yes Amaranti is evil no matter what he claims to be.
Prince Juppa is the real ruler of the lands, he or his father (if the Overlord hasnt killed him) should be the King. Anyway back to the truth about Eastarth.
I arrived during the lull in the fighting. I had fled Galvin and the Orcs of Hubba Lubba after a disastrous battle there. Hubba Lubba is marching north and I want to help with the defenses of the town, Siege Warfare is my specialty. Drago has done some damage, but having a Dragon to help defend the town has got to be an advantage.
Haan was the commander of the Militia, but he ordered the Militia to attack Drago, who was the ruler the Overlord selected for the town. Now Haan is an outlaw, hunted by the militia for treason. It was about this time that Mordrig began to cause problems. Following his trail of slime I eventually found the Castle on Morg Isle. I also found Orcs but no Mordrig. I battled some orcs and fled to the main part of Morg Isle where I saw the attack of Drago on the castle.
Now I am stuck on Morg Isle fighting orcs while Mordrig drives away the best defense against Hubba Lubba the town has. As to where Beth is I have no real idea. The last I heard she was on a wagon heading off with Rai Vn Mad and that party.

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