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There's this lump of something.....

March 11 2001 at 3:46 AM
Prince Dracul 

Response to Rebirth his pocket...its warm....he feels around and comes up with a black gem..."where the hell did that come from?" He said aloud.
He sat on a rock and scratched his head..."what the hell is it?"

"Its a lump of crystal," said the rock.

Armitage jumped up in surprise, "jeez, a talking rock!"

"Jeez a talking human." Responded the rock. "Actually I'm an Earth Elemental."

"Don't get many of them to the dozen," muttered Armitage as he backed away and saw a skinny rat faced girl trying to make off with his horse.

"Oi you ya thievin' tart...that's my horse..."

She tried to leap aboard but missed and landed in a heap...the horse trotted off then broke into a canter when Armitage tried to catch it..

The girl sat up and was back on her feet by the time our hero returned and said, "gotta be a Thrudsday, never could get the hang of 'em...its pissing with rain, you've scared me horse off...and you look like a rat."

"My name is Soomik," said the rat faced girl..."and piss on you pilgrim." She took to her heels and darted away before Armitage could react....

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