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Chapter 2: Illusions

March 14 2001 at 4:11 PM
Marius Del Vaughn Berg 

Response to A talking rock??? What else does it do?

Shelryder did not like patroling the forest. It was a dull task. The trees had spoken to the ElfKing one night and told him to expect someone soon. When asked who they were expecting and why, the trees simply became silent again. In response, to this the ElfKing, sent out patrols throughout the forest. Shelryder was one of them choosen. On his mount, Shelryder had the southern reaches to patrol. So far all he came across was a few goblins and man with a magical amulet. Being an elf of some experience, it is easy for him to notice things of a magical taint to them. The goblins were avoided but he quietly followed the man with the magical amulet through the forest. He could of, if he wanted to, sneak right up next to the strange man and tap him on the shoulder and be gone before the man could notice him, but better to keep some distance from him and simply observe. The Elfking did not know who they were looking for or why so this might be the man. Best yet to simply observe and follow.
He followed silently the man with the Robes and amulet. Shelryder did not feel comfortable about the man he followed. He gave off a stink of something, which wasn't pleasant.
Shelryder stopped his mount and dismounted. That was a scream of pure agony from where the Robed man went. Taking his bow and sword he crawled stealthly towards where the scream came from.
The next sight took him back a bit. Better to take the high ground, just in case. So up a tree Shelryder went and preparing an arrow just in case.
There was a clearing ahead of him. The Robed man stood near the center, holding up the amulet and chanting. On the ground at the robed man's feet was a naked man, staked to the ground. The man staked to the ground was a warrior type, Shelryder, could easily see. The corded muscles and scars over his body. The Thick callouses on his hands and feet.
The screams were coming from the man on the ground. The robed man continued to chant holding up the amulet when doing so. Then suddenly it occurred. Shelryder had to get a better grip on the brach he was on or else he would of fallen off.
Ghostly like specters rose from the body of the man staked out on the ground. There was a beautiful blond woman, a seer, a fat man with a robe, a young girl, several other robed spirits also rose from the man's body. Then the spirits light up as bright as day and flowed into a black stone lying at the feet of the grounded man.
A lighting bolt then shot out of the sky and strikes the rock. Shelryders eyes are temporily filled with spots. Rubbing his eyes for a few moments he then sees that the rock is made to be almost glass like and about the size of a plum. The robed man is no longer anywhere to be seen. How is that possible Shelryder thinks!? The staked man is still on the ground and appears to be breathing.

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