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Josh Evans
(Login joshleland)

My two cents

January 3 2008, 9:37 AM 

Regarding two of the above mentioned pieces I once saw the Trophy baseball radio in the original box at the Pier Antiques Show in New York City about 15-20 years ago. The radio was mint, the box was nice, yet it is a somewhat generic brown carton (has the trophy logo on it). It was priced for $2,000 which was a ton of money at the time but it sold during the set-up (I was shocked). Back then the radio alone brought about $600 in that close to mint shape which is pretty much what it brings now. Remember to always look for the “trophy” metal logo on top of the speaker. It’s usually missing.

The best variation I ever had of that radio was a version presented to the Homestead Grays for winning the 1946 (?) Negro National League Championship. I have seen two of them. The first one was found in Maine (my mom and dad found it) about 25 years ago for about $200. It as presented to Raymond Brown, although it did not have his name on it. I do know it was his because it came with a sterling silver plaque presented to him for pitching 13 or 14 scoreless innings against the New York Yankees in an exhibition game. I ended up getting them both back years later when the guy I sold it to sold me his Negro League collection.

By the way, there was a cherry of a Darktown Battery bank in my last monthly internet auction. Sold for $4,863 which I think is a great deal. Have you ever seen a nicer one?


Mark Steinberg
(Login perezfan)

Thanks Josh!

January 3 2008, 11:49 AM 


Thanks for posting those pictures. The Trophy Radio picture is mesmerizing. I always love to see these treasured antique items pictured "back in the day" as everyday items.

Another thrill is seeing old pictures of fans in the stands waving Pennants from days gone by. It is great when a photo is dated, and you can tie the given antique piece to a specific date.

Your Darktown Battery Bank was indeed spectacular. Perhaps the most vibrant and colorful one I have ever seen. Thanks again for posting, and be please sure to include lots of Antique Figurals in your next auction

Brock G.
(Login griffis16)

Re: Anyone Collect Stanford Pottery Banks?

January 3 2008, 12:25 PM 

That Darktown Battery bank has 10X more original paint than any I've ever seen.
I was actually really close to bidding on the Brooklyn Bums Stanford Pottery bank in your last auction Josh. I'm a 21 year old college student so I am constantly having to debate with myself whether I am spending my money practically. This was one of the times the price got the better of me. Maybe next time I'll pull the trigger.

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