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by rick


"this unit still has potential" @ potential
Potential for anything but an internet device:)
"Everyone says TOB was more trouble"
Hmmm...exactly who is everyone? 'cause they sure don't post here. Maybe "everyone" are the people who bought the new doorstop and it was worse than the old doorstop, but since they got snookered AGAIN by MsnTv they are to ashamed to admit it and proclaim "it's the greatest thing since toilet paper". Anyway, I don't think "everyone" says tob was more trouble. In fact most people say the service was better when it came out than when they tried to add so-called updates. With every update/upgrade things just got worse. People were begging for retrogrades because with every upgrade there were more problems and issues then the version before. Also, as banks and the rest of the internet, update their security against new threats, msntv will run into some of the same problems as in the past, of not being able to access accounts at some sites because of the updated or extreme security measures that the lbb just won't be able to do. Same problems, different unit.

Posted on Nov 9, 2005, 11:31 PM

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