On line purchase with MSNTV2

by Mike


Had my TV2 since Oct. 04 and never had any problems buying and paying on line.Best advice I would give anyone is to NEVER purchase a used Tv2 from any site period.When going to Best Buy or Circuit City those people will sell you a returned unit as new.These people are habitual lairs and have lied so much they don't know when they are telling the truth or lying.Sad but true.When you confront them when caught in a lie they will ask you to leave the store.The MSN site has a 100$ rebate on their units with a 30 day period to try it out or you can ship it back no questions asked.No TV2 is not perfect but they have the memory to give up an updated browser,flash,and WMP.TOB has reached its limit and IE4 is as good as it will ever get.Good luck,Mike in Carolina!

Posted on Nov 12, 2005, 9:13 AM

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