I spent the entire day w/ Cust Service because my MSNTV2 wasn't loading and also wasn't..

by David

...even going to web pages.

First, it loaded as slow as hell. Then, when my screensver popped up after I was away fro a bit from the unit, which it is supposed to do, of course, I tried to reconnect and it said it never was able to "sign me back in " to MSN.

I hit homepage button, and it said "NAvigation Error."

Then, I called MSNTV2 "Customer Service." (note the quotation marks.)

Drone #1 said my line sounded noisy.

Bullshit, because I plugged the phone cord into my old classic after I hung up w/ Drone #1, and the classic of course worked perfectly.

I then plugged it back into the MSNTV2 unit, and had the same loading issues AGAIN.

Gee, imagine that.

2. Dron#2 said "Let's do an Alt. code 2020."

If you guessed that this did not help, you win.

3. Drone #3 said, Let's change your dialup access numbers. LEt's put the one you claim worked so well on wbetv classic as your first choice, by checking off a secondary choice BELOW the first one. You're lucky that the choice you want happens by chance to be physically above the other choices of numbers in the list, so it will be the one MSNTV 2 calls first. (Yippee for me, right? WRONG.)

It did indeed dial the number I hoped for it to dial, but the problem REMAINED.

Imagine that, huh?

4. Drone #4 was all apologetic as I whined incessantly to him about the poor structure of the customer service aspect of MSNTV2 and MSNTV/WEBTV as well. He said to try and unplug the unit, and do an Alt 2020.

I did so, last night, and wonder of wonders, it seemed to help, although, when I shut the unit off, it does not dutifully blink green three times like it is supposed to.

It blinks both ORNAGE and GREEN, a few times, then the GREEN light blinks twice or sometimes four times, and then goes out.

But, the unit seems to be working now.

By the way, all four drones said that there were no server issues on their end yesterday, but that perhaps there was "something" going on in my geographical area, although they had no "heads up" notices about anything in my area.

I told Drone #4 that I was ready to simply cancel the service, but keep the stupid uniut, because Ineed its nice keyboard for my trusty as hell webclassic unit, because the classic's keyboard finally bit the dust.

Drone #4 said, "I am sorry that it has come to this. I'm sorry that you're at this point. Maybe you could exchange the unit at BestBUy for another, and try one more time, before giving up the ghost completely."

I told him that Bill Gates clearly bought the WEBTV company, in order to KILL IT, and didn't Drone 4 understand that this was clearly the case. I asked him if he had EVER read any discuss groups bitching about poor customer service. He simply did not answer me. Dead Air for like five seconds.

With that, I hung up.

But, amazingly, the unit seems to be working now, except for the weird blinking when I shut it off.

(Drone #4 had said it shouldn't be blinking like that - that it must be a hardware issue. Yeah, right, that's why it works fine, now, because its a hardware issue.


Posted on Nov 27, 2005, 10:09 AM

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