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1- You do NOT need 2 acounts to send email to AOL, that's plain stupid, just use that SAME MSNTV2 box you have, go to, create a FREE mail account (like houndreds more out there), and use it to email your buddies at AOL. This brings me to point #2:
2- It's NOT the box you're using, the proof is that using the same box and different email address you can reach AOL.
3- Do you know what a spam filter is? It actually prevents emails from specific addresses to go thru to your account. What AOL is doing is something similar, just that the individual users at AOL cannot control it (management is doing it for them, for their protection, they say our email is spam), they are doing at a higher level. So they are basically blocking whatever email comes from a specific server, some MSN servers in this case, that's also why you can send using the SAME address from a WebTv box but not from an MSNTV2 box, because the emails come from the same address, but from different servers.
4- When the guy from MSN says they are having problems with shaw and something els, it means thay are also blocking them.
5- And a very important reason, I happen to run a small mail server, just give me your email address and I can make it so you CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT send any email to the email addresses from the users in my domain, you will get a bounce back message whenever I want, saying exactly what I want about a failure to send the email, which proves AOL is the only one with the power to do that, since they run THEIR mail servers and can block whoever they want.
6- This one is hard to beat, I've been hearing about this problem when sending to AOL from MSN for probably a couple of years now, and the MSNTV2 came out only a year ago (I got one of the first ones). How could the MSNTV2 have created the AOL mail problem?
7- Just stop complaining in public forums about a problems that you do not understand, probably not even the tech support people from MSN can explain it to you. You have a perfectly working MSNTV2 box, which is being blocked from sending email to AOL by AOL itself, and all you need to do is use ANY other email provider to go thru (except that the other provider is being also blocked, but I guess AOL was just picking on MSN) and move on with this problem. AOL users cannot do it, because they can ONLY use AOL software to send email and to chat, and almost to browse (nthey are not forced to use it), so you could just do it yourself and clear this forums of a lot of frustration I read in your posts.

Have fun.

Posted on Dec 21, 2005, 9:15 PM

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