Re: Does anybody remember from WebTV 1997?

by Tee


I only had webtv when it had the Classic Dialing Webtv Midi that can be found on YouTube, Spotify and and various sites. I had gotten a Gateway computer...ha, if anyone remembers them, and used my Webtv for my "morning" surfing and when I wanted to do others things than use Yahoo Messenger AOL Messenger and MSN messenger all at the same time and download music and all the things that Webtv couldn't do. But I would go back to it various times of the day.

Yeah, I shortly realized that my PC was way better.....BUT.....Webtv was my First ever experience on the Internet and to this day is a very very fond memory. I would spend HOURS on it!

Posted on Sep 9, 2013, 12:34 PM

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