the end is near

by alivenkickn1949


Well, In August I brought a HP Pavillion 14 Chromebook laptap. It's taken me nearly two months to figure out this thing and I'm still learning everyday LOL

There's also one other thing I've figured out--why eyeglass companies, optomitrists and eye surgeons are so wealthy....most of their customers are folks who not only have to use these small keypads, but other young nincompoops who think they're clever and saving money and being in style by viewing movies and stuff through phones, Ipads and other small puters . We are a world of people slowly losing our vision to technology. :/

Anyhoo....Adios web/msntv.....We'll miss you, but maybe it's worth it cuz oh! The places we can go now! XD

Posted on Sep 28, 2013, 1:31 PM

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