alt.discuss revisited...

by Ghost In Your Machine


So, as buggy as the alt.discuss newsgroups were, and the fact that so many folks miss the "Good Ole' Days" when the newsgroups were buzzing with all sorts of activity, here's a throwback to days gone by.

It is in it's infancy, and by no means complete, and maybe I'm releasing this prematurely, but one word of advice.
If you are using Internet Explorer as your primary browser, this alt.hierarchy is not optimized for their shortcomings. Upgrade to ANY browser but theirs for the full effect, or remain bound to their bugs.

...side note....**

I need input and/or criticism/help/moderators/hackers, etc to better the viewer's experience.
This is the maiden release to the public since a doing google results in MANY folks, young and old who miss the terrible simplicity of the groups, and here at Rick's Cafe, it seems the most logical place as the initial jump-off point to post its debut.
Here's the address:

I look forward to seeing the old-timers in their respective groups. Pass it M$ they missed out on the best thing WebTV/MSNTV had going for them!

Posted on Dec 19, 2013, 2:10 PM

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