cat dilemma

by lol


My cat has turned into a demon bent on malicious doings, pointed towards
the unsuspecting.
His exploits have caused mass manipulation of the norm, almost always
perpetuating his namesake.."ThrowSomething".
Somedays, I just want to kick his furry 'ASCII'.
He toys with mice, treating them as his personal 'Guinea Pigs',
Once, he found out how to get into the food pantry, and his
'AccessEnabled' him to eat the goodies before it 'was_discovered'.
It was a 'Grim' finding, indeed.
I might need to have him 'Reçønditioned'.
He shares his morsels with my other cat, and the two act well to one
'MyDogBarks' at the mailman, but it's his only show of defiance...good
Maybe a 'BrainScanner' would offer insight and possibly prove my theory
that a female cat would not be such a 'BadLilGirlie'...I would name her
something like 'Anne'.
My neighbor had 69 cats...his name is Matt... Man, 69 cats are a bit
much if any exhibit the same qualities as 'ThrowSomething' does. Such
love for the animal would require a regimen of supreme loyalty, and it
must be 'efficient2'. The cost for food alone is a monetary 'REAMER'
on the wallet. The 'Bar_Code' on the little cans of cat food signals
this drain. Grrr..
Maybe the strategy of having NO cat would be the most 'efficient1'?
My veterinarian, 'Dr.H.Remway', said
""the cats are going through a 'token' period in their life, where
change is for the worse, one 'chezcked' with strong territorial traits.
Ruthless behavior is a familiar and rampant terror at times, intermixed
with flames of dominance. It's 'BASICII' beginnings has its root in
survival, as does the need for stray dogs to run in a 'D4wgP4ck...'""
Hmm...looks like a choice I'll need to make, but know I'll 'håte'.

Posted on Dec 20, 2013, 10:12 AM

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