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Re: Admin - lead by example if you don't like people impersonating you.

August 7 2017 at 10:30 PM

pumpo  (Login pumpo)

Response to Re: Admin - lead by example if you don't like people impersonating you.

You've certainly got me down as being some kind of superman, haven't you?

Mind you, not really because what you're talking about - as usual - is you.

Here's what's happened:

1. You acted like a twat.
2. You looked like a twat due to 1.
3. You couldn't handle looking like a twat which couldn't possibly be due to your acting the twat and imagine it must be someone else's fault - mine, specifically.
4. You acted even more like a twat, like that's going to help.
5. You looked - astonishingly, in my opinion, but well done - an even bigger twat than you managed previously because now you're a bitter twat.
6. In order to take the heat (pff) off you, you made a load of crap up and pretend that it's not you who's been wronged - but the entire Stone Roses 'scene'.

No, mate. You're not a big deal and, here's the bit that might blow your tiny mind, neither am I

You can spout off and I have no doubt you will. If you're being alright, fair dos. If you're playing silly buggers, I'll delete your posts, edit them, or reply to them and call you out on your stupidity.

Being bitter - and let's not pretend you're not - isn't doing your powers of reasoning any favours, nor is being a bit obsessed with me - again, let's not pretend otherwise. The last bloke I tried to get as much attention off as you do with me? I don't think it's ever happened, to be honest. Same with women - if they didn't want to know, fair dos, I'd move on.

Not you, though...

You're in your forties - at least, but not much more,, from your pop-culture references and language patterns - which makes it slightly worse because you ought to be beyond this inane level of horseshit. Maybe you're not, but again, you don't have to advertise it, do you?

Have a look at some other internet forums. Nobody tolerates dickheads like you, like we do here. You should be thanking us because evidently, nobody else gives much of a toss about you, do they?

It's not me, it's you. Soz. sad.gif

This message has been edited by pumpo on Aug 7, 2017 10:36 PM

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