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Re: John squire, the “artist”

December 15 2017 at 12:28 PM
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Response to John squire, the “artist”


Bland? Well, there's lfew things more subjective in the creative arts than fine art/painting. Particularly when you start wandering into abstract & conceptual art which Squire did around the time he became fixated on the likes of Cy Twombly.
I think his celebrity series of works was a clever little package with it's easy to get concept of the Islamic/icon juxtaposition, as well as having decorative appeal & celebrity reference points. But it - or him as an artist never really took off, which is the lottery of the contemporary art world for you - manipulated, fickle & cynical. Ironically, his fame as a musician didn't probably help much, despite being in a different league to Ronnie Wood, who's childish shitty painting sells for fuck knows what. Or Dylan & his lightweight offerings & you can chuck Paul Simonon in there too. Squire is far more sophisticated than all of them.

Personally, I prefer his figurative work - specifically the image of the dolphins that adorns this website. It's a nice example of a sort of pointillism & you really have to know what you're doing to pull that off. There's no question that he's a talented painter as well as having great visual ideas - his adaption of Pollock's abstract imagery was a brilliant stroke which fed so well into the homogeneous approach of the band at that time - & had he chosen the path of an artist earlier on, as opposed to a musician, I think he would have had a good a chance as any of succeeding. Luckily for us, he didn't.

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