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Emotional Day - Went through DE Book @ Clinic

January 7 2011 at 7:02 PM
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Good Evening Ladies,

This afternoon I drove over to the HFI clinic and looked through their donor book. Honestly, I wasn't really high on ANY of the women. Is that mean? There were a couple of 'maybe's'. I'm 43, but was surprised at how old I thought these women looked for early/mid 20's, and most didn't have a college degree.

They allowed you to look at the pics of the women NOW, which is different from the donor sperm, where you can only get a baby picture but most of them are out of MIT or Berkeley and such.

None of the egg donors really looked like me - I have a big smile and was hoping to get a Julia Roberts looking donor. HA! I guess you gotta pay more than $15k for that one wink.gif. It has left me feeling quite sad. I stopped drinking in August to up the quality of my eggs (hopefully) and I gotta tell you I wanted to go get a bottle of wine something fierce, but I'm going to do an OE cycle next month, so I won't.

There were 2 potentials:
1 Was a 30'ish looking 5'7" strawberry blonde with blue eyes who was really lean/slender and had 3 kids. But she had no degree and had never attended college AT ALL. No college at all? Seems like a red flag to me. I sure hope this doesn't offend anyone. Plus, I have brown hair and hazel eyes....but she was pretty and she looked friendly. Her kids were really cute.....THIS ONE WAS READY TO GO FOR A SHARED CYCLE. There's another couple/person waiting for someone else to pick her to share the cycle. Hmmmm.....

The second was a 5'5" blond haired (dyed blonde, but nice hair) with brown eyes. She had graduated from college and started law school in the fall. Her pictures looked like she was happy/friendly. A nice smile and open seeming. For her, I'd be waiting in line. The problem with that is - what if she doesn't want to do a bunch of cycles? It's not like they can make her! And again I'm on a waitlist. On hold. UGH! This one is actually my preference. Seemed more well rounded than the above one.

So.......for now - and I'm glad I have the weekend to think about this. I will be getting the hystosonogram (sp?) next week (today is day 2 of cycle) and then proceed next month, probably with injectibles/IUI while trying to decide on donor. OR maybe I'll decide over the weekend that I'll just go with donor #1. Too much on my plate!!!!!!

Any input/ideas/experience is welcome. Again, I hope this doesn't upset anyone. I'm just looking for advice and I literally have NOONE to talk about these options with. There is only 1 friend of mine that I would trust with the DE secret. She knows I may be pursuing it, and is very tight lipped. BUT, given that she's not in the same space (has a grown daughter and new boyfriend she's crazy about) as me, it's not really fruitful to discuss with her.

Hey - I said it was long! Thanks for listening.

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