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Higher order multiple risks and embryo transfers...

February 16 2011 at 10:33 PM
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Hi, I've just been reading the thread about # of embies to transfer and one of the posters said they had a mantra 'only put in what you want to come out' or words to that effect. It's really got me thinking.... We are gearing up for a DE cycle, and hubby is insisting we transfer three embies. He is having a grief reaction and I'm not sure he is being rational. He keeps thinking of how many embies we have transferred without success in our OE IVF's and running with that. His dearest wish is for us to have twins, and I would love that too, but the risk of having all three implant scares me.

I'm hoping that this thread might bring some facts and anecdotes to the table to help me discuss this with DH. Did anyone put 3 embies back on a 5 day transfer without any known implantation/uterine issues and what was the result? Are there any women here who have ended up conceiving higher order multiples (or know anyone who has)? Anyone know the stats about the chances of a triplet conception or successful outcomes of a triplet pregnancy? Are there online resources that hubby and I can look at together so it's more a rational decision than an emotive one?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. it might not be an issue... - Anonymous on Feb 16
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  7. hugs for your H - Orchid on Feb 17
    1. This was my attitude exactly... (child ment.) - Maya3 on Feb 17
  8. There was a woman on this board, several years ago, that transferred three day 3 embryos. - Kacee on Feb 17
    1. Re: There was a woman on this board, several years ago, that transferred three day 3 embryos. - Original poster on Feb 17
      1. I remember- - Piper on Feb 17
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      1. there are no guarantees with DE - Kay on Feb 17
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  12. Really depends on the quality - Leigh888 on Feb 17
    1. they can't tell anything by looking at them - Bear on Feb 17
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