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February 23 2011 at 2:56 PM
Anonymous  (no login)

Response to Lauren - a question for you on the IVF w/ own eggs post (m/c ment)

I am a "veteran" of the regular high FSH board and even responded to you several times over there. I come to this board from time to time because DE has been an option I have considered heavily for myself. I have to say that I am so disappointed (not sure that is the right word??) to see you here.

I think DE is an AMAZING, sanity-saving, hope-restoring option. I've been through the initial work-ups for DE and have consulted with several clinics. But, as an OE IVF veteran, I think you're jumping the gun here. You are so young still. And you have proven you can get pregnant. I know that on the other board you posted averaging a pregnancy per year and you were down about that. But that is actually VERY GOOD! I know it doesn't feel good in any way because of the losses that have come with those pregnancies. But YOU CAN GET PREGNANT!

The issue to be solved here is how to KEEP you pregnant.

You need to get yourself more consultation(s) with specialists. I actually think it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest IVF given that you can get pregnant on your own. These REs mainly make money by doing IVF so it's no wonder that it's their go-to answer.

You may want to post on the pregnancy board
There are women on there who have suffered pregnancy losses only to go on to successful pregnancies.

One young lady has not yet found succcess but has made her way from South Dakota to a specialist in Chicago to try and solve her miscarriage mystery.

If DE is absolutely what you want to do that is perfectly fine and you certainly don't need anyone's reassurance/approval from a board to proceed. But just trying to bring to light for you that you haven't solved your mystery yet and so jumping to DE may end up being "foolish" for reasons that have nothing to do with figuring out if DE is right or not. Like Kenny posted, you may be having issues that DE can't and will never overcome.

As a first step you should be asking your OB - forget the RE - to do a thrombophilia panel. This will look at antiphospholipid antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, and anticardiolipin antibodies, Antiphosphotidylserine, PAI-1 levels and activity, Antithrombin III, Prothrombin II mutation, Protein C activity, Protein S activity, Factor V Leiden, MTHFR/homocysteine level.
You should also ask that karyotyping be run on both you and DH. None of this has to even be run as "infertility" diagnosis code. Given your history, your OB should be ordering this under diagnosis code V629.9 - habitual aborter without a current pregnancy. (Sorry, I know that the term aborter sounds horrible but that is the technical term).

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