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Off topic: Bummed about adoption (child ment)

March 31 2011 at 3:32 AM
  (Login arive)

I sometimes think my failures are telling me that I somehow just have to pray for the $$ to adopt.

Well, I am looking online and finding that adoption is going to be much more difficult than I thought. There are age restrictions. I did have depression in the past and that rules you out for some countries! sad.gif

It sucks. I don't have depression or any problems now.

It was situational. That situation is completely over and I changed my life. I'm totally fine now. But I have insomnia and see a dr. for that.

I have a loooooong history of depression because the situation I was in lasted a long time. But it's been a long time since I've taken any medication for depression. I don't need it.

Sigh. The last time I took meds, it was related to this infertility thing.


Also, you have to have $80,000 in net worth and I don't.

And the waits are 2-4 years!!!!!!!

Or longer.

Seriously, I am up at 3 AM, I have to give a talk tomorrow night and I'm doing this...

The nurse at the Dr's office (my OB) is sweet but of course told me to adopt.

What the F is wrong with people? Do they think you just go online and pick out a baby.

I really like this woman alot! She meant well. It's just...DO PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND I WOULD HAVE ADOPTED BEFORE IF I COULD HAVE??????????????

Then there is this woman I know who hates all fertility treatments. She has 2 adopted children domestic and is outraged that people won't just adopt kids from DSS. I mean...COME ON.

She of course has no idea that I have done this...Or ever will. But it's brutal to hear her comments.

I just wish people would understand ADOPTION IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This whole thing maybe actually be easier that adoption.

Screw it...I'm going to try to adopt from China. How I'm going to get the $$ I do NOT know. I'm just going to apply and pray that $25,000 falls in my lap somehow.

By the time I come up on the list I will have a longer history of no mental health treatment.

Of course, I'll save up like crazy.

Call me nuts. I just have to see if they'll count my furniture as going to my $80,000 net worth.

It's mother always told me that seeking help for depression was a bad idea because people would find out and there would be a stigma. And I guess she was right!

Oh man, nothing in this life is easy, is it?

I needed a miracle with the DE and now I need a miracle with adoption. I knew having a
child is a miracle but why does everything have to such a longshot???

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