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An interesting book, and my thoughts

April 7 2011 at 8:07 PM
minniet  (Login minniet)

Response to recommendations on DE agencies? esp when education is on top of criteria list?


Intelligence and How to Get it. It's one of many books on intelligence, but it is very good as it is sourced primarily from studies on intelligence.

Intelligence can be maximized by environment, in a huge way. However, baseline intelligence is greatly heritable.

I am not sure how anyone would determine "honesty" or other such traits from a DE profile. All you have is an agency's word. For myself, heck yes, I am seeking a reasonable SAT/ACT or IQ score. It's among the few things we can look for other than eye color. I am also seeking blue eyes, as everyone in my entire family has blue eyes.

For a donor to go about taking an SAT or ACT and perform decently also tells me that the donor has potential not simply academically, but is more likely to have some of the traits that go along with that number -- ability to focus for a few hours, to read well, to follow directions.

I am writing this as someone who has already failed at a DE cycle with a close friend who never took the SAT or ACT, but since I KNEW her, I was thrilled to have her genetics. She was brilliant, and I knew her first hand. But I do not have that option now, and have to go to an agency.

I don't particularly care for having to search through tons of profiles and feeling like I am shopping. I don't like it at all. But I also resent folks judging me for wanting a donor who is a reasonable replacement for my genetics. So far, of the three donors we are considering, not one is even close to my IQ or SAT, but they are in a reasonable range, they look nice, they have no known mental illness in their family, and that's good enough for me.

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