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Is this a BIG problem re: PIO injections (Please Help - E & H and anyone who can weigh in)

April 11 2011 at 10:39 PM
Veesha  (Login Veesha)


2 things have been going on with my PIO injections. First, I have noticed that on one side, I often develop a lump by the morning. It is sore (just standing, it feels bad, but walking can get quite painful). Overall, it feels like a pretty badly pulled muscle. I thought I was doing what I could to reduce or eliminate pain and lumpiness after the shot. I use ice for nearly 10 minutes prior to my dh administering the shot. Afterward, he massages the area with a warm washcloth for about 5 minutes. But regardless, I still end up with the knot in the morning (again, only on the right side although I alternate sides daily).

My other concern is when my dh administered my shot on the right side, I have occasionally had a drip of PIO run down my upper hip after dh removes the syringe (once dh has administered the meds, he holds the syringe with the plunger pushed all the way in for a few extra seconds. . It has only happened maybe 3-times (I've been on PIO for just over 2 weeks), but of course I am concerned that the entire dose did not make it into my system.

Could this be a serious problem? I have been cheating and sneaking just a few hairs more that the 1 cc anyway, in hopes that will protect me.

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  1. PIO lumps... - Sue-IL on Apr 11
    1. Thank Sue-IL - Veesha on Apr 12
  2. pharmacist said it was OK - Orchid on Apr 11
    1. I don't think that we put the pad over the spot quickly enough - Veesha on Apr 12
  3. Normal - minniet on Apr 11
    1. Yes, I am 42 so I imagine the PIOs will have to do it for me - Veesha on Apr 12
      1. Veesha. Is your DH alternating sides for the injections? You should inject - Daisy on Apr 12
        1. He has been alternating, but that entire circular zone designated - Veesha on Apr 13
  4. I actually - Leigh888 on Apr 12
    1. Leigh888, how did you figure out that heat worked? - Veesha on Apr 12
      1. Tip from another message board - Leigh888 on Apr 12
      2. I used to give myself the PIO shots with no problems. This is - Daisy on Apr 12
    2. I did not use heat last cycle but no ice either (pg implied) - BlessedThistle on Apr 12
  5. Agree with above posts - Dixiechic on Apr 12
    1. I guess in the big scheme of things, soreness is not the worse thing in the world - Veesha on Apr 12
    2. Okay, Dixiechic...I just got a "no" to the estrogen and progesterone request - Veesha on Apr 12
      1. E2 and P4 check at beta - Anonymous on Apr 12
        1. Thanks anonymous! - Anonymous on Apr 12
      2. Hi Veesha (preg, m/c ment) - Dixiechic on Apr 13
      3. You can get E2 and Prog if you want them checked - minniet on Apr 13
        1. Thanks Minniet for the encouragement to request the tests again (if need be...already had) - Veesha on Apr 14
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