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Let us talk about bding - argument with DH last night!

September 12 2011 at 7:36 AM
Aoife1  (Login aoife1)


I have to confess - I just don't like s*x anymore. Once we finally moved to DE I thought what is the point of it anyway happy.gif
I have just spent so many years ttc with OE, tracking temp, checking cm and then making sure we do the deed at optimum time of the month - as a consequence, the fun just went out if it. Every time we do it, it reminds me of all the months and years of failure.

When we moved to DE our co-ordinator put me on bcp's straight off. I have either been on bcp or taking lupron since March of this year, through two failed cycles. And I am back on bcp now in advance of a possible third cycle in November (waiting to confirm everything). So you can hear it here first ladies - I haven't had s*x since February - yes that's absolutely true - and I don't miss it one jot - that is also absolutely true.

So hubby is getting a bit annoyed about all this, and last night I decide to give in. But before we get to it, he starts talking about it nearly being a year's anniversary since we did it. We argue because he exaggerates EVERYTHING and since I was the one doing all the work for all these years, I actually have a record of exactly what day and what time of the day we last did it and the time before that and the time before that and so on. By the end of the argument there was definitely no mood for it - so I still have not had s*x since February and I still don't miss it one jot! happy.gifhappy.gifhappy.gif

I suppose I'll have to give it up soon though, for the sake of our relationship, pah!

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