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November 30 2011 at 7:52 PM
BBG  (Login biogal)

Response to scarring & Ashermans


I have severe Asherman's, the kind that is inoperable. It was misdiagnosed for TEN YEARS by three nationally and internationally known REs. How do you like them apples?? So when your RE says you have scar tissue in your cervical os (ding! ding! ding!) but not in your uterus (bong!), I get concerned. It would be strange to have scarring all the way into your cervix but not in your uterus. Many, if not most, REs are woefully inadequate to properly diagnose Asherman's.

I knew something was up after 2 proven donors and 11 embryo transfers that did not even give me a chemical pregnancy. I have a history of multiple miscarriage and D&Cs. I intuitively knew I had Asherman's based on my menstrual cycle characteristics, the failed DE cycles and my history, even though I'd had two different hysteroscopies come up negative by supposedly big wig doctors. Btw, an HSG will only detect certain types of Asherman's and the same for a saline sonogram. A hysteroscopy is by far the best diagnostic tool and yet unfortunately, many REs don't even know what they're looking at.

I decided (too late, unfortunately for me) to go have a consult with Dr. Charles March in LA, who is the international expert on Asherman's. Within SECONDS of putting the camera up and flashing the image on the screen, he could see that it was severe Asherman's. Even my DH could see that something didn't look normal. Yet several REs had "looked" and missed it entirely.

Please beg, borrow, or steal enough money to go see Dr. March. Certainly do it before you waste any more money on DE cycles! He will also answer emails and gives free advice. Good luck.

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