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Need some input (losses ment, long)

January 5 2012 at 11:12 AM
KerriA  (no login)

I just went through a failed donor embyro cycle and would greatly appreciate some input from all of you wise ladies.

I've gone through my background before, but I am going to recount it again for the sake of having all the information here.

I'm 37 and single. I was diagnosed with high FSH (highest was 27 on d4) right out of the gate. I had a hysteroscopy about 11 months ago - normal and have had 2 HSGs - on the second HSG one tube was spasming but otherwise all normal. I tried 17 IUI's with DS, most medicated. I had one pregnancy, a little over a year ago, that went to 17 weeks. At 16 weeks, my baby girl was diagnosed with severe defects incompatible with life (triploidy 69XXX) so I made the heartbreaking decision to terminate that pregnancy. That was my 7th IUI. I did 10 more with IUI's and had 2 chemical pregnancies. I'm pretty confident my eggs are just plain crap.

I proceeded to donor embyro last month. I did the BC, lupron, delestrogen, PIO, antibiotic, prednisone, rigmarole with BA and PNV. The donors were a lesbian couple using DS. The ED was 33. They transferred 2 blasts and got twins. I do not know if they had IUI or other IVF cycles that failed. They had 9 blasts left 6 graded fair and 3 graded poor. I had 2 "fair" blastocysts transferred - 1 d5, 1 d6. I found out last week that it was a total failure -HCG 0.

I finally got an email from the embryologist. My clinic is one of the best in my area - has amongst the highest stats. Anyway, the embryologist said that they normally get at least a chemical pregnancy when transferring 2 fair blasts so they were surprised by my results. (I find this hard to believe, given that their stats for DE FET ranges from 40-50% and my ED doesn't fit the typical DE ED profile). I have 6 blasts left - 3 fair, 3 poor.

She wants me to take a few months off, which I am not keen on. She suggests adding heparin or lovenox, which I was going to suggest, mostly just for the h*ll of it. She also mentioned possibly trying a uterine infusion of G-CSF, which I am not familiar with.

Here's the extra circumstances to take into account. I'm in a really tough job situation - the economy has hit my sector pretty hard. I am hoping to keep my job into 2013 but am not sure that will work out. $ is definitely an issue, unfortunately. I would love just to do a DE cycle but I already had to take a loan out of my 401K last year to deal with some financial issues and my credit really sucks because all of it. If I am going to go forward with these embyros, I hate to wait - as the sooner I get pregnant the more likely it is that I will get to enjoy a real maternity leave instead of collecting unemployment, and I have been on this horrible, traumatic journey for so long - the idea of not being a mom until 2013 kills me.

I would really appreciate your thoughts. I am so sorry this is so long.

thank you,

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