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bharani one more thing (VERY LONG) - DS + pregnancy ment

January 21 2012 at 11:54 AM
cotton  (Login BabyCotton)

Response to i'm sorry bharani - i only have experience with johnathan scher in NYC

from this post, i'm getting that your main goal/concern is to get the bloodwork and tests done all in one place, and to have someone tell you what to do. johnathan scher in NYC can do that for you. or the beer center.

johnathan scher sends his bloods out somewhere, maybe it's chicago? i can't remember, i'm sorry. but regardless, you don't want to do things remotely. you want answers! my experience with scher was that he's a very kind man, does all the tests at once (also for DH) and will make your head spin a little with all of his theories and advice. but he did help me to get a start in the whole immune world.

it's really hard for me to remember everything because it's been a long time since i addressed all this stuff. i searched through my old posts and i found my history. this was back when i was working with my own eggs still. when i moved on to DE, i saw a new RI (i didn't want to stay with johnathan scher) and she prescribed only the basic immune cocktail: lovenox, baby aspirin, folgard. i've done 7 DE cycles, all with that cocktail. twice it worked (DS + current pregnancy.) so clearly it wasn't my "magic bullet" but i'm glad i had it all checked out.

there were 3 posts. here they are. i hope it helps.

POST #1:
hi all... in an attempt to be proactive i asked my RE to run a thrombophilia blood panel on me. it looks at autoimmune and genetic disorders.

the immunity stuff came back normal, as did almost all of the genetic part except for the MTHFR gene - i have "two copies" of it. one is normal, the other is slightly abnormal.

doc sez that if both copies were abnormal AND i had a high homocistene (sp?) level, that could cause miscarriage. however my homocistene level is normal.

i am just repeating what he said. i have no idea what any of it means.

he referred me to a hemotologist who will look over the results and decide if i should take mega-dose of folic acid, baby aspirin and/or heparin after transfer.

my whole reasoning for getting the b/w was to cover all my bases, and i'm glad i did it. just wondering if anyone knows anything more about this. if this should be cause for concern? if the gene can do any other sort of damage?

POST #2:
i saw a hematologist today and he confirmed what i already knew: i have one mutated copy of the MTHFR gene. (is it me or is it kinda obvious what MTHFR stands for?) if i had 2 copies, or if it were paired with a high homocysteine level, then it could cause miscarriage. but i have just the one, and all other levels are normal. he is going to test one other gene (81298C) and if that's positive he may suggest other treatment cuz that would make me double heterozygous.

but as it stands now he is prescribing vitamins B6 & B12 plus 800 mc of folate (folic acid) starting 2 weeks before transfer just to be safe. i'm so glad cuz that's just the reason why i wanted the test: to be proactive and do everything i can for a successful outcome this time!

i asked him about baby aspirin and he said he'd leave that up to my RE who already said "it can't hurt" so all in all, i'm feeling pretty good about all this nonsense.

POST #3:
hi all - i had a follow-up with dr. jonathan scher this morn in regards to all my autoimmune/genetic blood testing. for those who don't know, he is a high risk OB who specializes in all the autoimmune stuff that seems to be a hot topic on this board. he's a reproductive immunologist. my RE suggested him after i suggested that i wanted to have everything tested since i've been ttc for 3 years with zero success (4 IUI's, 3 IVF's) and my fsh isn't that high (highest = 13.7)


he tested everything... EVERYTHING. i don't even know the whole list... killer cells, thyroid, chromosonal this, autoimmune that, AKA cells? both mine and dh's blood, and something beyond a regular s/a on dh's sperm. everything about dh is normal as usual. as for me, there really wasn't a whole lot wrong but enough to warrant a treatment that he'd like me to incorporate into my next ivf. he said i am "very very very very healthy and i will get pregnant." he also said that i'm a "baby" at age 38. gotta love the man. he found another mutation related to my MTHFR mutations, all which can affect blood flow and implantation. for that, he wants me on lovenox after ER. then he wants me on glucophage for a slight insulin resistance that he found. he says it can improve egg quality and implantation. anyone ever heard of that?!? me neither and finally he wants me on dexamethazone which i believe is a steroid but a very, very low dose (so i won't get a moon face) beginning on cd 5 to suppress my "B-cells" whatever they are, some kind of immune factor. he said this is instead of IVIG. it's not as effective as IVIG, but everything is so slight in my results that he really didn't push IVIG and i'm not interested in doing it anyhow.

so if anyone has an opinion on all this, i'd love to hear it. i will run it all by my RE because i want him to be on board with the whole thing. i'm very curious what he has to say. i like it, because it's not a very aggressive treatment, and i find IVF, co-culture and ICSI aggressive enough, thank you very much.

the good news is that i am DONE! i've done all the research i can, i have the best doctors, the best acupuncturist, i take my chinese herbs, my baby aspirin, my prenatal, my folgard. i eat my veggies, down my wheatgrass, don't drink, don't smoke, no caffeine... what the hell else can i do?!? i am done. it's out of my hands now. my RE thinks i can get pg. dr scher thinks i WILL get pg. same with my acupuncturist. now all i need to do is sit back and see what happens. honestly i feel great. if i move on to DE, i can do it with a clear head. no nagging what-ifs left.

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