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January 21 2012 at 12:42 PM
Ariadne  (Login ariadne2)

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The Beer Center and Dr. Kwak-Kim practice in reproductive immunology. As far as I am aware, they do the most comprehensive testing of anyone, which may include a uterine biopsy for NK cells, depending on your case. My biopsy, BTW, was negative, despite high blood-circulating NKs.

Here is link to Dr. Kwak-Kim's clinic & this is also where the Beer Center ships blood for testing.

Dr. Acacio may also use it, as it's in Chicago. I don't know. Maybe Minniet knows. I believe Dr. Scher also uses the same lab, but again, I'm not sure.

However, the Beer Center & Dr. Kwak-Kim don't do ivf cycles. You go to them for the most comprehensive immune testing you can get. They will work with you on getting any immune issues handled, but you will still need an ivf clinic.

Dr. Jonathan Scher is an ob/gyn who tests for immune issues. He is not the same guy as Geoffrey Sher of SIRM clinics. I think he does pretty thorough testing, although I don't know the specifics. Again, he doesn't do ivf.

If you want one-stop shopping in terms of 1 doctor who will do ivf & immune testing, you will probably not find one who does all of the testing the Beer Center & Dr. Kwak-Kim. They were & are the pioneers in this field as far as I know. Again, there may be new faces who are just as comprehensive now, but I wouldn't know b/c I was looking into this in 2006.

From her website, it looks like Dr. Pace is aware of all of this testing. She would determine what tests you needed & guide you to appropriate doctors & labs. If there are ivf clinics doing it all, she would likely be aware, I would think. How worth it it is to have a middle man, at least for me, would depend on how expensive she is & how lost I felt. Since she works for you as a consultant, she will (should) take the time to explain everything & give you all the info. you need.

If you want an RE who does ivf & immune testing, & are willing to forgo a few of the tests you might get with the Beer Center or Kwak-Kim, Minniet's RE, Dr. Acacio, sounds like a perfectly fine starting place. I'm sure there are others, but I'm just not aware of them. (I went to one myself, as I posted before, but it ended up not working out well enough for me & I needed to add the Beer Center in, although I stayed with the RE.)

Finally, re. blood testing, the difficult thing is that while you might get the initial testing out of the way if you fly somewhere to consult, you may well need repeat testing before & during cycles if you turn up positive for certain issues. So avoiding the need to find a cooperative lab to draw & ship your blood for you may be an issue no matter what. I think that's where some of the women in Canada on the Yahoo Immune Group may be of help. Find out from them how they do it. Options are finding a lab which will draw & ship. I was able to do that, but it wasn't easy where I live & I've since been told that lab won't ship (I think they were sick of me after 3 or 4 yrs. of it!!). Or finding a lab that will draw & then you ship through Fed-Ex or similar. It's not necessarily easy, as I posted before, but it's doable.

So I think your first step needs to be getting a second opinion from someone who is aware of & believes in reproductive immunology, since that is an issue you want to make sure you've covered. A lot of these considerations may be subject to elimination depending on what is found & what the doctor's opinion is on any other issues.

I know you want to find one doctor who does every single test plus ivf, but no one doctor does everything. They have different areas of expertise & they differ in what they believe is necessary. If you want a thorough uterine evaluation, will likely need to consult with someone like Dr. March. But that is his area. You won't get immune testing through him, for example. At this stage, you just need to decide what is the most important thing & go there first. If it is getting a second opinion on the immune stuff & getting a uterine evaluation, the handful of names we've given you on immune stuff - Beer, Kwak-Kim, Scher, Acacio, Pace - plus March are good starting places. There are others, most likely, but these are the names I'm familiar with & that other posters have discussed in these recent threads.

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