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The unanswerable questions

June 18 2012 at 7:09 PM
Looking into DE  (no login)


I have been looking thru lots of these threads but still would be interested in some additional input. My husband and I are looking into DE after 5 years of failed attempts with OE. Overall I don't have any issues with using DE - now that we have gotten to this point - and am ok with not having any genetic link and not worried about having any bonding issues with my child that I would have carried for 9 months and given birth to. I am adopted and don't know my birth family and this is where the questions come in. I am a tell person - I know some people are no-tell on this forum and it is none of my business, but if I go through with this route, I think it is important to tell your child that they were conceived by donor egg and the earlier the better so it is always just a part of who they are. Looking at some other websites that are more the kids point of view from 3rd party donation, some of them feel so unhappy and missing pieces of themselves by their parents choosing to go this route (mostly donor insemination since that is more common). I think that since I am adopted and growing up felt the "missing piece" aspect and I worry about bringing a child into this world who has those same types of feelings. How did all of you work thru this or does anyone have any experiences of kids who dealt with any of these issues and how was it handled? I know this is an unanswerable question and each person comes to their own decisions about all of this but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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