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input on repeated failure with donor cycles?

August 27 2012 at 8:09 PM
KerriA  (no login)


I am a frequent lurker but infrequent poster. I'm single, 38, and have been TTC for nearly 3 years - started out with high FSH. Have had 1 second trimester loss and 2 chemical pregnancies. I have gone through 2 donor embryo (all blasts) FET The donating couple had transferred 2 and go twinst. The first time the embies were so-so - transferred 2 - BFN. Second, donor embie cycle (same batch), embies looked great - transferred 3 - with assisted hatching, embryo glue, and uterine infusion of G-CSF - BFN.

I just completed a fresh split cycle using donor eggs from a 10 time proven donor who was 29 days from being 30 at time of retrieval. We did two single embryo transfers - 1 on day 4 and the second on day 6. I was on heparin, BA, PIO, and delestrogen and was also on antibiotics and prednisone just before and a few days after transfer. I just found out today it was BFN. I'm feeling very devastated - going through all of this and being financially spent with nothing but trauma to show for it.

The donor only had 8 mature eggs and I ended up with 3 embryos - 2 transferred and one on ice. At the time of the transfer, the embryologist also mentioned that they have more donor embryos for me if I want them (I think they are from a donor egg cycle).

I'm supposed to meet with my RE on wednesday. I'm trying to think about what to ask and even if I should just stop treatment and start saving for private domestic adoption. After my second trimester loss, I was really hoping that I could have a pregnancy with a healthy baby. I have really wanted that experience all my life but I do know that being a Mom is my number one goal.

I would appreciate any thoughts from you all.

thank you,

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