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hysteroscopy myomectomy found septum or adhesion?

February 24 2011 at 9:20 PM
minniet  (Login minniet)

Hi everyone:

I am a longtimer (ttc 7 years) green girl, but I just had a surgical procedure to remove what we thought was a small polyp but turned out to be a fibroid (larger than expected) and next to it, an adhesion or small septum.

I am now on premarin and have to see my RE Monday for him to "sound" the uterus -- to prevent adhesions. This is all great for preventing adhesions, but I am sort of freaking out as I tend to get vaso vagals (fainting, throwing up, etc.) when my uterus is manipulated too much. The thought of it after the surgery is not super appealing.

Has anyone had this experience?

I sure hope this fixes it, but I am scared of adhesions still showing up.

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Had a removed septum

February 24 2011, 10:00 PM 

I had an arcuate septum removed. The docs never could see it on sonogram though so I'm interested to see why they want to do one after surgery for you. Did they not go ahead and decide to remove?

What was the location of the fibroid? Usually a septum is at the top of the uterus and is a result of the uterus "caving in" on itself, as if the uterus in utero was splitting in half or two fused mullerian ducts created a wedge at the top.

Typically adhesions are different and you could have both

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February 24 2011, 10:36 PM 

Thanks for your post.

Yes, the obgyn removed it, and I was a little woozy, but her explanation sort of seared in my brain. She said that what we thought was a polyp or small fibroid was actually a larger fibroid than we had imaged, and that next to it was a sort of adhesion or septum. She says she fixed both, and she communicated this to my RE.

My RE now wants to see me on Monday, make sure the inside of my uterus looks ok and perhaps "sound my uterus" -- to prevent the uterus inside from developing adhesions.

I have never heard of sounding a uterus, but his nurse explained it. It does not sound pleasant, and I am sort of annoyed that my obgyn did not put a balloon in...but who knows, i sure don't.

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(Login Aufrecht)


February 24 2011, 11:10 PM 

You need valium or xanax when this procedure is done. I also both faint and/or vomit under those very circumstances you describe. It is a choking and suffocation hazard, and as I always assure the techs/doctor doing the procedure, that is a lot of paperwork. So I get meds like xanax or valium just for such procedures. Consider it.

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So glad I am not alone

February 25 2011, 6:12 PM 

Yes, this has been a challenge for me for a long time. Last sonohysterogram I had a valium, two xanaxes and a shot of demerol! And I still had it happen. I am going to do a lot of meditation this weekend to stay calm and am seeing my acu tomorrow.

Thank you for your kind post! happy.gif

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Re: hysteroscopy myomectomy found septum or adhesion?

February 24 2011, 11:41 PM 

I totally get the vaso too. I get it with needles and I used to think I was just a big baby until a nurse told me that it wasn't anxiety related and I legitimately get nauseous or faint because of that, not because I was psyching myself out. Needles in IVF and testing are AWFUL for me. I've thrown up many times in docs offices, especially when they need lots of vials and fainted once watching my dog get an IV for fluids. Seeing it on TV is enough to make my palms sweaty but I'm not afraid of needles at all. It's totally a physical response. I have a tattoo even and because it doesn't pierce the skin and touch actual veins, I don't get the response. I had no problem getting a tattoo, it was a breeze (well it was painful, but no nausea and fainting and so on)

So fearing that being in your future is totally understandable

FSH 33, AMH .29
4 Chemical Pregnancies
Junky Tubes with endo
Removed Uterine Septum and polyps in 2009
Short LP- Respond well to Progesterone
Trying since March 2008 with no children

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Poor us!

February 25 2011, 6:13 PM 

It stinks to have this vaso vagal thing! It does really help to know I am not alone. Thank you for posting about your experience!

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February 25 2011, 2:31 PM 

I have exactly the same reaction for these procedures, and from donating blood (which I don't do anymore b/c I can't STAND that eyeballs-being-squeezed-going-to-vomit-blackout-etc-oops I passed out feelings!) DEFINITELY ask for valium an hour beforehand. Take two if you can get them. MUCH better all around. You may still pass out, but it won't be as painful wink.gif.

I'm SO glad they were able to fix stuff, it's great going into a cycle knowing that they've thoroughly checked everything out. Hope this is your magic ticket, friend. Hugs,

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(Login minniet)

Thank you Kenny!

February 25 2011, 6:14 PM 

Sending you huge hugs!

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