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Czech Republic Info - Help

May 4 2011 at 10:53 PM
ALM  (no login)

Hey folks - I keep seeing info on the Czeh Rep cycles. I'm on hold for a DE cycle b/c I'm waiting for another person/couple to choose my Donor. Maybe I should just chunk this and go on a vacation and get knocked up in the process. That actually sounds really refreshing. Any info would be appreciated. THANKS!

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(Login thesameboat)

Yes, a lot of the women on here did this (child mentioned)

May 5 2011, 4:18 AM 

I went to Zlin and have my DD as a result. There's a support group for info for women who go to Zlin. It was started by Joy, a woman I met who was there when I was there. Here's the contact info.


Something you should know, though, is that they don't give as many stims to the donors as in the US, so you would most likely not have frosties. Their goal is 5-9 eggs resulting in 2-3 blasts at the end. So if you do have a child as a result, you probably couldn't get the same donor later if you wanted a sibling.

Good luck to you.

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(Login aoife1)

I am going to CR. Here is my info

May 5 2011, 7:24 AM 

Well ALM, we decided in mid January that we were willing to do DE and from that moment to now, which included my research time to find where we wanted to cycle I think everything has moved pretty fast. I actually got the details for the clinic I am using from this forum!

I am going to a clinic called Reprofit in Brno, Czech Rep. I am traveling from Ireland so the cost of air fares are of course lower than for those of you traveling from US but I understand, even factoring for this, then the cost of going to CR is much lower than cycling in US.

We are also using a US based intermediary/coordinator which increases the cost than if you went to Reprofit directly. There website is myivfalternative.com and it is quite detailed and answers a lot of our initial questions, including outlining the costs. The advantage of using them is that they have an arrangement where they can book clients in more quickly and you do not have to go on the Reprofit waiting list. Also all communication is in English and they will have an english speaking coordinator on the ground to meet us when we get there also and to guide us through everything. They have been great so far in handling all our queries both on email and telephone.

The total cost for our donor cycle using DH sperm is US$7,800. That includes the donor compensation and also donor medication and the myivfalternative fee. My meds were on top, but cost a modest Euro350. Then you need to add the cost of your air fare, accommodation (approx 8-9 days) and holiday spending money. If you are using DS then there will be an extra charge for this but then I assume you will need to be in CR for less days (since we have to be there day before retrieval so DH can do his bit).

As far as the process works, I was delayed slightly because i had to get some initial tests done such as Pap Smear and DH had to get sperm analysis and STD's tests and the results took a while to come through. I also had to have an ultrasound to check lining day 12-14 of my cycle so I had to wait for AF and of course I had the longest cycle ever just then!! This was all before they could book the date. But if you are cycling regularly, you may have these tests done already. If you are looking for a blood type match (which we were) then this may impact the booking date depending on the donors available on any given month.

As the previous poster mentioned, there are a lot of differences in the donor treatment, not least that the donors are anonymous by law and so you will receive basic information only - age, height, weight, eye/hair colour, blood type, education level achieved, whether proven donor etc. So it won't suit everyone for that reason. For me it was exactly what I wanted. I never wanted to see or know my donor. You provide your wish list and you get the donor info for approval a couple of weeks before you travel. Also the practice in CR is not to over stim the donor. Reprofit will guarantee two quality embryo's but there is only a 30 - 40% chance of frosties. Of course a FET cycle is cheaper if you are unsuccessful in your first DE cycle but lucky enough to have frosties.

I hope this information is helpful. I thought I would put as much in as I could since it might help you or others who might consider going abroad. And since it was someone else's kind post here that gave me the info in the first place!

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Maggie in VA
(Login maggie1961)

Zlin alumna here (kids ment'd)

May 5 2011, 11:40 AM 

Aoife and thesameboat have given you the really important info, but I'll add a few notes. I have bb twins as a result of a 2009 cycle at the Clinic for Reproductive Medicine in Zlin. BTW, CRM Zlin and Reprofit in Brno are sister clinics. If you're interested in CRM Zlin, I advise you to go to the ivfzlin.ning site thesameboat mentions.

->It looks as though CRM Zlin may no longer be giving even the very basic donor information they did before, except for maybe blood type. For my own part, I'm not sure I could have cycled there under those circumstances, but other women on the ning site seem to be bearing up.

->There is a fertility travel coordination service for CRM Zlin, too, like the one Aoife mentions for Brno. It's ivfvacation.com. I coordinated my first cycle w/ivfvacation and coordinated directly with the clinic for my second, successful, cycle. You can probably get a slot at Zlin faster through ivfvacation than coordinating directly with the clinic.

->thesameboat is right that you're much less likely to have frosties in the Czech Republic than at a U.S. clinic, but I have two on ice, and we're seeing more FET's on the ivfzlin.ning forum. It does happen, and FET's are extraordinarily cheap there. The problem is you need to make your travel arrangements before you'll know whether the embies survive the thaw.

->The Czech Republic is a wonderful vacation destination, and affordable. Zlin itself is not a tourist area, but you can get on a train and be in Prague in about four hours. Or you could take the train to Vienna, but food and lodging there will be pricey.

->CRM Zlin has been very busy lately, and it seems to be taking longer for patients to get responses from the donor coordinators. Be prepared to be patient if you decide to cycle there.

Take care,

Maggie (in VA)

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Re: Czech Republic Info - Help

May 5 2011, 12:06 PM 

Prague Fertility Center is good.

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(Login TheMzD)

another Zlin vet

May 5 2011, 2:39 PM 

Keep in mind that the clinic's stats are pretty much the same as stateside clinics. Sometimes first cycles work, sometimes they dont.

It took us five trips, four fresh donor cycles (plus an FET after cycle #3) in Zlin to get lucky and have our little guy who is now 13 months old. We were lucky too in that we again had three frozen embryos from our fourth donor, so went back over Thanksgiving to transfer our remaining embryos - surprisingly, it worked and we are now 26wks + with a little girl.

In all we made six trips to Zlin and loved every trip - even the ones resulting in BFNs. We used Zlin as our home base, and once we had had our appointments, we took off on the train. We have traveled quite a bit throughout the CR, as well as to Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary during our cycles. There are absolutely no regrets!

Not counting airfare/hotels/spending money (that varies for everyone) we spent less on our six transfers (four fresh donor cycles plus two FETs) than many spend on one cycle in the U.S. Something to think about in case it takes multiple cycles for you to get your family.

Good luck!


" Some people built castles in the air. She constructed hers from mashed potatoes, which kept down demolition costs." Sarah Sloane, Borrowing Priviledges

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don't have a lot to add

May 5 2011, 5:49 PM 

don't have a lot to add, except that it's cheap, it's easy, the donors are university students and quite young (almost all under 25), frosties are rare, and it was a lot of fun to travel there...gives me sweet memories to think about! Oh yeah, and it worked, so far anyhow!!

I think the clinic is currently quite overwhelmed and the coordinators (I never even met them) are too busy, but all in all, you just can't beat the price for the quality of donor. if you want an educated, young donor in good health, and want to cycle quickly there is probably nowhere cheaper to do it than Zlin. the clinic is modern and nice as well, better than several IVF clinics I've been to stateside.

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i went to reprofit......pg chem m/c ment

May 5 2011, 8:12 PM 

first visit for fresh i used myivfalternative - fantastic service and really eased all worries. for my fet we just did everything ourselves and was easy. i got pg both times but betas dropped so i haven't had success ( a baby ) yet. but we loved CR and the cost savings are great. we are planning to go back in november. prague is beautiful as is brno and there is heaps of info on the fertility friends website. good luck LMD

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Zlin grad here as well (success ment)

May 5 2011, 8:50 PM 

We went to Zlin for our first DE cycle and I had twins as a result. Proven donor (prior donation resulted in a live birth), young (22 y/o), and healthy, etc. Picture perfect cycle. We were one of the lucky ones as I do have six blasts on ice (12 retrieved, 11 fertilized).

I was very happy with my care there. Professional and modern too. The sightseeing and traveling around was great! I want to go back to Prague again someday and see more.

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Maggie in VA
(Login maggie1961)

6 frosties from a Zlin cycle?!

May 6 2011, 11:31 AM 

Wow, that is amazing; never heard of anyone having that many. You must have had one super donor and the embryologist must have been totally "on" that day. It's good to hear that things like this happen. Take care, Maggie (in VA)

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May 6 2011, 8:51 PM 

I so appreciate all of the wonderful input and information. I actually am able to get a donor that someone else had JUST selected that I like as well, and go on a shared cycle here for $14k. More expensive than CR, but I'm in a hurry! I've wanted to child for over 10 years. I'm 43 and date back my first sadness/worry that I wouldn't have a child to being 30. sad.gif. Some kind of omen I guess.

Anyhow, if for some sad reason this doesn't work, this would be my 2nd option. I won't/can't afford to spend another $14k. With this upcoming cycle, I've personally poured $35k cash into this out of pocket in the past year. When I think about it, it makes me quite anxious.


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Good luck to you!

May 7 2011, 12:21 PM 

Hoping for you! I know what it's like to yearn. Hope it ends soon for you.

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