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Success rates in South Africa?

August 23 2011 at 7:02 PM
aussiehoneygirl  (Login aussiehoneygirl)

Anyone know the success rates for DE at the South African clinics? Had a look at the website of one of the clinics but couldn't find any info. Also, who here has cycled in SA and with which clinic? Were you happy?

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(Login perthkitty)

humm be careful

August 24 2011, 2:12 AM 

We organised a donor via a south african clinic, had the donor flown to India to do surrogacy. We got royaly ripped off. Go to Cape Fertility as they have good success rates and know the laws regarding DE and other fertility matters in S.A. I've spoken to one of the doctors there and they are ethical and caring.
We eventually went to a clinic in Kuala Lumpur and I got pg first cycle with DE after 8 other failures here in Australia.
I"ve had two friends from here in Perth recently go up there and both are now pg.
Good luck with your choice. BTW Cape is cheaper than the others, so too is the clinic in KL. best, THK

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(no login)

Hi - yes - very happy.

August 24 2011, 4:55 AM 

As TH says - avoid all surrogacy in India! We have both had our fingers burnt through that - it was organised through Global Egg Donors/Renew who used Egg Dnors from SA - and we both have terrible stories associated with it.

But I think you are more interested in DE only in SA. I can recommend it personally. We have a DD through Cape Fetility Clinic which has a 80% success rate (reported to me by the 'Nurture' Egg Donor Agency, which I can also personally recommend.

To get started, contact the clinic directly who will suggest agencies (all overseas donors have to use agencies to get their donor as clinic donors are reserved for local women), or alternatively go straight to a local agency and choose the donor first - they should set up contact with the clinic for you.

DE in SA is cheap and the service is wonderful. Many other women on these boards report good esperiences - I'm sure they will chime in.

Good luck!

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(Login Maya3)

What she said! (child ment.)...

August 25 2011, 12:02 AM 

I got pregnant from my second fresh cycle at the Cape Fertility Clinic. They did not do so well on the FET cycle, as none of the embies survived the thaw. But the stats for a fresh cycle are quite good. I had a great experience there; Dr. LeRoux was very kind and professional, as were the whole staff. It's a beautiful country, and I loved being able to vacation there while having my cycle! (I used a donor from Renew, now called Global Egg Donors.)


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(no login)

I am South African ( but now a US citizen)

August 24 2011, 2:16 PM 

and I can tell you being from a family of specialist doctors the medical care is outstanding. I also met Dr Le Roux with a view to doing DE there 2 years ago ( we eventually cycled in Argentina) and , although I am now in 2ww and awaiting outcome , in a way regret not going to SA - it was just way more expensive for us than Argentina.

I would trust the clinic there completely. I also had some dealings with the donor agencies there- there are 3 I know of- and they are great. Cape Town , my home town, is a fab place to visit- gorgeous and very European. THe other advantage is you are in an English speaking country ( we had some language barriers in Argentina)

Good luck .

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(Login proudaussie)

Highly recommend SA

August 24 2011, 6:29 PM 

I cannot recommend SA highly enough, it is a fantastic option for Australians for both cost and ease of travel. Cape Fertility is fantastic and their success rates are at about 70% I believe. I have a wonderful and beautiful daughter as a result of the dedication of Dr Le Roux and his team.
If you have not already, then I would suggest you join Aussie Egg Donors website, there are quite a few Aussie ladies cycling in SA at the moment which they are sharing their journey with in their own thread, plus there are older threads from some of us others who have been to SA and all had successful outcomes. You will find plenty of info and support there from fellow Australians.
There is also another site called Fertility Friends with a section for treatment in SA, there are many women sharing their SA journey on there too which you may also find useful.
You will not regret making the choice to go to SA, iI am forever grateful that this option was available to me, as you know DE in Australia is a very daunting prospect.
Good luck, I wish you all the very best

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(Login Rich1979)


February 11 2013, 3:45 PM 


My wife and I used DE from an agency called baby2mom (who were excellent). We used the agency, as they showed photos and in the end we flew in our donor from Durban to Cape Town. Luckily for us, this cycle was a success and my wife is pregnant with twins, but our previous two cycles failed, as the previous donor's eggs we used were of poor quality (which is why we switched donors).

Success rates at all good clinics are about 40% per cycle. So you would expect most couples to achieve a baby in around 3 cycles. The reason it is 40% is that you have several hurdles to face. Egg collection and how many eggs you collect, fertilisation and then development. Once you have a blastocyct implanted, you then have a 60% chance of live birth.

We used Aevitas clinic and found them to be caring and professional and the prices were much better than in the UK. Our donor agency were very efficient and handled everything for us directly with the clinic. They even refunded the left over money they had not spent, so I can say they were caring and honest and I would recommend them.

We stayed nearby to the clinic in a cottage in someone's grounds called Thatchwood cottage and this was a 5 minute walk to the hospital and we could then use the Metrorail to travel into Cape Town in 15 minutes.

Any questions, please ask.

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