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Question for raindrops...

December 1 2011 at 10:08 AM
Al  (Login AlinAsia)


I saw from one of your posts on the over 40s board that you mentioned you liked your donor's personality (perhaps even more than your own wink.gif) I am wanting (if I pursue DE) to be able to know a donor....or get to know them before the process. Could you let me know which donor agency you used that gave you that opportunity ?

much appreciate any info!


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(Login Raindrops1)

Hi Al.

December 1 2011, 1:49 PM 

We used an anonymous clinic donor so I have never met her in person. But I love what she wrote about herself in her donor application at the clinic. It was all written in her own handwriting. Her answers were all very sweet and sincere. She wrote about her personality as both a child and as an adult. Along with her pictures as a little girl she just seemed perfect to me. Like I just wanted to take her home as a little girl. I also talked with the donor liason at my clinic and she confirmed her personality as she met her in person for the initial donor screening.

There are agencies though where you can meet the donors personally if that is what you want. Agency donors also state whether they are interested in establishing a relationship with either you or the child. Agencies are just more expensive though and we trusted our clinic for screening good donors so we went that route instead. You can ask your clinic if they recommend any particular agencies. Mine recommended several to me just in case I couldn't find a donor within the clinic's choices.

I wish you luck!

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Katie Robins
(no login)

Re: Question for raindrops...

December 1 2011, 9:18 PM 

I had the same experience as Raindrops. I was looking at egg donor databases all over California and yet not one was feeling right. Then, I went back to the clinic in Idaho where I live and where I did my first ivf round, and literally in one day, the perfect donor for me was available. Not only did she resemble me physically, but she was extremely well known by my donor coordinator and they love love love her. Beautiful on the inside and the outside, athletic (important) to me, and I was able to see her baby photos as well as recent photos and she just looked happy.

It took me about 7 months after an IVF attempt with my OE, to come to the conclusion that I could use an egg donor. Now, I could care less...I just want to have a baby, anyhow, any way. Now I am a mere 2 weeks pregnant (with low betas so who knows..I go back tomorrow) and for the first time in my life, to see a "pregnant" on my home preg. test, just made me feel great..even if I have to go another round with FET.

I do know the donor agencies I was researching in S.F allowed open meetings with donors/recipients, but I personally felt that would be too close, too much for me. If I am lucky enough to have a child this round, I don't want any more than the image of the donor in my head; again, I think that's a personal choice.

Good luck on your journey.

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(Login AlinAsia)

Thanks Ladies :)

December 2 2011, 10:26 AM 

I definitely want a known donor if I go down this route, but it's helping me a lot to know the process everyone has gone through. I love the idea of totally falling for the personality of the donor I choose....

Katie I've been following your posts and have all my fingers crossed for you that those betas climb and climb happy.gif


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