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Blood type combinations

April 24 2012 at 5:15 PM
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My husband and I want to make sure we end up with a child that has a blood type that could have come from us - we are not sure we are going to disclose that we used an egg donor. Can anyone recommend a reputable website with a blood type compatability calculator? There seem to be so many but want to make sure we use a good one.

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Well, not a website but...

April 25 2012, 1:00 AM 

Everybody gets one from each parent. And you can only pass on what you have. O means zero, really, because nothing is there, but we call it Oh.

Two people with O can only give O on to their kids, so both parents with O have kids with O

But O can be hidden if you have type B or type A, so two parents with B and A can have a child with AB, O, A or B.

Two with B can have a child with B or O.

Two with A can have a child with A or O.

One with O and one with A, child has A or O.

One with B and one with O, child has B or O.

One with AB and other with anything else at all can only have a child with A or B, not O.

You inherit one from each parent. If your mom gave you B and your dad O, your blood type shows up as B, but there's a chance that you pass on the O to your child and not the B that shows up when you do a blood test. Does that make sense?

If you inherited B from BOTH of your parents, you can only give B on to your child, but you can't really KNOW for a fact that you don't have a hidden O to pass on (and neither can anyone else) unless BOTH if YOUR parents had AB and you ended up with B (because then no O could be hidden, as your parents can't have had a hidden O).

Now does that make sense or have I just rambled on and confused you? happy.gif

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(Login leigh74)

Happy to help..

April 25 2012, 1:02 PM 

As long as you know your own blood type, your DH's blood type, and your parents and in-laws blood types (only if you and DH are A or B), you can figure it out pretty easily.

Since O is recessive, if you're both O, the only thing your kids could be is O. However, A and B can be either homozygous dominant (AA or BB) or heterozygous (AO and BO), which is why you need to know your parents types as well.

I teach this stuff and am a scientist by training, so I'll be happy to help if you need it!

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Re: Happy to help..

April 25 2012, 1:32 PM 

Hi Leigh, thank you. We don't know our parents blood types and don't want to ask, as we are keeping this confidential from family as well. I am A+ and my husband is O-. Are we "safe" with a donor that is A-?

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You are safe with anything but AB or B

April 25 2012, 10:17 PM 

A+, A-, O+ or O- are all "conceivable" for you two. happy.gif Good luck!

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(Login leigh74)

Yep! BT is absolutely right. :)

April 26 2012, 5:42 PM 

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