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Q about uterine procedure before transfer

August 4 2012 at 5:34 PM
Hopeful in Delaware  (no login)

Hello Women,

I am hoping someone has some intel for me regarding the benefits of having minor uterine procedures (hysteroscopy, etc.) before transfer. My understanding from both my doctor (based on research he's read) and my acu (based on anecdotal observations of her patients) is that this has a positive effect on implantation. I guess the irritation to the lining kind of stimulates and refreshes it and cleans it out. (I'm more poetically- than scientifically-inclined, so I'm picturing someone changing the sheets and fluffing up the pillows and bedding in my uterus.happy.gif) So even though I was disappointed to learn that I needed a procedure before I could try my frosties, I was also happy to be getting this done in the hope that it will increase our chances.

So here's my question: I learned today that I will be having a hysteroscopy on Monday to remove some uterine polyps, and I learned yesterday that my FET is getting rescheduled to late September or early October. (I'm not even going to try to relay the frustrating and complicated logistics that have led to the current schedule.) So will my hysteroscopy be near enough to my transfer to have the benefits mentioned above? Originally, I was thinking the procedure would be 2 or 3 weeks before the transfer, but now it might be upwards of 8 weeks before. I am afraid 8 weeks is long enough for my body to reintroduce all kinds of junk into my uterus. (as I write that, I see clearly that I need to start some positive visualizations about my body.happy.gif) Or am I just looking for things to worry about, and having this 8 weeks before my transfer is just as good? Does this difference in timing matter? Will it still benefit my implantation odds?

Before I start trying to reach my doctor over the weekend to ask him this, I thought I'd toss the question out to you wise ladies. I'm grateful for any insights you have.


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Never heard of this

August 4 2012, 10:32 PM 

This is the first time I am hearing of this..and I have been around the block for years!!!!
I have to say, that it is a good way for the doctors to make some more money..and the other thought is..if it did have positive effects, you could be sure they all would be doing them prior to transfer to boost their stats.
Let's see what the other's say.
Good luck with your procedure..that for sure, will increase your chances of conceiving.

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Hopeful in Delaware
(Login hopefulindelaware)

Here's an article.

August 5 2012, 9:17 AM 

Here's a link to an article. http://www.ivfnewsdirect.com/?p=350

This study, or at least this article about it, focuses on the fact that hysteroscopies seem to find uterine pathologies that were undetected in other kinds of testing. So even women whose doctors thought them to have no pathologies were found to have pathologies which, once corrected, led to successful implantation. The study is focused on women who have had repeated BFNs even though all the variables (egg quality, uterine lining, etc.) were thought to be in good shape. In short the hysteroscopies found things that other tests missed and this led to improved implantation/pregnancies for the subjects of the study.

There is an allusion to, but no stats about, what my doctor said about how, separate from correcting whatever the problem is, simply the act of irritating the lining improves the lining for implantation. He did clearly say that to me. And the doctors mentioned in the post below seem to have said the same thing to their patients. Perhaps there's another study out there that I didn't find in my quick Internet search yesterday. Or maybe it's in this study, but not reported on.

I'm inclined to trust my doctor on this, especially since my acu has had numerous patients who tried unsuccessfully for a long time even though there were no particular problems and once they had a hysteroscopy or D&C they conceived.

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August 4 2012, 11:01 PM 

I've read about this type of secondary benefit from a hysteroscopy on this board and the Over 40 board, so if you do a search for relevant terms. I looked really quickly and found these mentions:

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Hopeful in Delaware
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August 5 2012, 9:20 AM 

Sounds like other doctors out there are saying the same thing. I'm still curious about the timing -- how soon before the transfer should it be? -- but it's good to know others have heard similar things from their doctors. Thanks for the links.

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(Login margolis)

Yes, I did this. (success ment)

August 5 2012, 9:32 PM 

There is a study out of tel aviv I believe. Anyhow, we did an endo biopsy just before my cycle to irritate the lining and fluff it up some. I had major lining problems. And i did get a BFP that cycle. They started doing this more regularly for those with failed cycles or lining issues and I think they are seeing some success with it. The biopsy turned out to be a few weeks before transfer or just before the cycle started. Can you postpone your hysteroscopy to be just before your fet?

Ps. I love the changing sheets, fluffing pillow analogy.

Good luck with your fet.

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Hopeful in Delware
(Login hopefulindelaware)

Thanks for the insight!

August 7 2012, 9:11 AM 

As it turns out, we were able to salvage that 8/21 transfer date, which is 15 days after the hysteroscopy yesterday. The doctor who performed the hysteroscopy yesterday seemed to think that the distance between procedure and a transfer was fine as long as it was more than a few days. So there's less healing time than I'd expected. And we won't have to wait 8 weeks, I'm very happy about that.

Anyway, thanks for the insight. I hope you're enjoying your beautiful boy, I know you are!happy.gif

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I think the timing is fine.

August 6 2012, 2:21 PM 

I asked my RE about that test and improving chances of conceiving naturally. This was before my OE IVF cycles. He said yes, it could improve my chances. I timed my test several days before ovulation so I could try naturally that very month. Well it didn't work because I probably had a bad egg that month. Now what I read is that the test could help clean out any debris in your tubes and has a postive effect on increasing pregnancies for three months or so. I don't have any websites to direct you to but I remember reading about it.

Since you are within that three month range I think you are good. Fluffing up the uterine lining happy.gif

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Hopeful in Delware
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Thanks, that great to know!

August 7 2012, 9:17 AM 

As it turns out, it's no longer an issue, b/c through a very convoluted, but ultimately helpful, chain of communication yesterday, we are now able to keep that original August transfer and don't have to wait for a new date. Yay!

Thanks for relaying what you read about the timing. My doctor told me yesterday that it's usually done in the cycle prior to the conception cycle, so roughly 6 weeks before. He didn't think 8 weeks would make a different. I think there's still little hard evidence of this, so there are some differing interpretations and approaches. But the general idea seems to be gaining attention.

Thanks again!

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Hopeful in Delaware
(Login hopefulindelaware)

More Info on this issue for those who are interested...

August 7 2012, 9:29 AM 

So here's what I learned yesterday. I thought I'd sum it up for those interested.

According to my doctor, there have not been any particular studies focused on the secondary benefits of having a hysteroscopy, or a similar uterine procedure, prior to a transfer, but, in his words exactly, "the evidence is starting to suggest" that there is a benefit to irritating the lining prior to a transfer. So we might be hearing about this more in the future.

He said the procedure would normally be done during the cycle prior to the conception cycle, so that would be roughly a a 4- to 6-week time frame, although he in no way said that that was a hard fast deadline. The PP has read the the secondary benefits occur for 3 months.

At my hysteroscopy yesterday, the doctor who performed the procedure (not my doctor) asked whether I was having a transfer soon and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be within the next few days. So that suggests there's not a lot of time needed between such a procedure and a transfer.

That's all I've got, hope it's helpful to someone.

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I suggested an endo biopsy(scraping of the uterus)

August 9 2012, 7:24 PM 

to my Re, after reading about the study done in Tel Aviv. He didn't charge me because he wanted to use the results for research. That was for my first DE DS. When we made my twins it was just regular protocol for the REs office. I had the biopsy about 2 weeks before.
Good luck! I remember this time being so exciting for me!

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