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Shhhhh.....................Volkswaffe footnotes...

April 23 2010 at 7:41 PM
Allan Buttrick  (Login Allan31)
HyperScale Forums
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By now, all of you are familiar with my latest project of recreating the little known Volkswaffe aircraft. While doing the research for this build, I came across so much recently discovered information and documentation about this fascinating aircraft I thought I would share it with all of you before the RLM discovers this is out on the internet and shuts it all down.

So here now is the shocking truth about the Volkswaffe program and what became of all those aircraft both during and after the war.

I chose the early RLM 65/70/71 scheme for my build because this is the time period where most of the accurate documentation exists.

[linked image]

As the war continued, record keeping was scratchy at best and everyone was still trying to keep it a closely guarded secret.
I was asked about the armor windscreen. I found references to this. Apparently a full armor screen was tried but proved too heavy for take-off even with emergency boost.

[linked image]

Here a technician can be seen aiding in the extraction of the pilot after an aborted take-off attempt.
A smaller armor plate, similar to those found on the Bf-109's was also tried with similar results.

[linked image]

Variouse weapons beyond the 20mm cannon were also tried but with negative results.

[linked image]

As with the Luftwaffe, Volkswaffes were also tried as night-fighters over Germany. In the ongoing effort to maintain secrecy, special emergency crews were dispatched to crash sites in an effort to disguise the Volkswaffe a/c as civilian vehicles.
Here is a rare shot of the Volkswaffe in RLM 76 taken the morning after it went down and just as the crash crew have left the scene..

[linked image]

As the conflict wore ever on, many aircraft were abandoned on airfields in the face of the allied march on Berlin.
This photo recently smuggled out of Russia by an aircraft recovery crew shows the sad state of this disguised wonder weapon as it was found at an abandoned airfield just a few months ago.

[linked image]

Other Volkswaffe aircraft were so hated by the advancing Russian they were crushed by the T-34's before they could be evaluated.

[linked image]

With the obvious outcome of the war now in sight, every effort was now being done to save this little miracle weapon so that perhaps the Reich would one day rise again.
A mass exodus to Argentina was the only logical option left. The problem was now how to get there. Volkswaffe were being smuggled there any way possable. Turning again to the Luftwaffe, the prospects of the Mistel program were explored. One aircraft delivering another.

[linked image]

An early Volkswaffe attempt.

[linked image]

That idea was abandoned.
Next was one disassembled a/c being towed by another.

[linked image]

This was somewhat more successful. However with allied control of all airspace, only the land option could be explored.
Different camouflage was tried.

[linked image]

But even that could not get past a landscape so thoroughly occupied by allies of so many different countries. Finaly total disguise and then smuggling out right under the noses was the only way to get to the Argentina, the promised land.

This one didn't work. The "Fuzzy Sweater" scheme....

[linked image]

Nor this, the "Outdoor Furniture" scheme....

[linked image]

This either, the "Garden Statuary" scheme...

[linked image]

As luck would have it, some Volkswaffe did make it to the coast. After that it was "Every Volks ver himself!!"....
This Volkswaffe was secretly photographed just as it came ashore in Argentina after the long journey over the ocean floor of the Atlantic.

[linked image]

With a new secret life starting up in Argentina and so many of the technicians and engineers also showing up there, it wasn't long until everyone realized that disguise was still the best way to survive.
Survive and thrive they did. And they continue to do so to this day. Here for the first time is photographic proof that the Volkswaffe is among us to this day. Just as aliens from other planets live among us everyday as homeless and aged people, so does the mighty Volkswaffe now reside among us and yet so few of us ever notice.

This is the first ever photograph smuggled out showing technicians at the completion of their best ever disguise.

[linked image]

It's the only explanation that fits.

[linked image]

It's a very little known fact that the exceptional qualities of this wonder weapon did not get passed one very rich super hero.

[linked image]

Yet, for most of those wonderful little Volkswaffe aircraft that escaped the conflict in Europe and survived, they quietly bide their time and wait patiently for their call to return to duty.

[linked image]

And you had no idea, did you....


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