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ABofBGB The Big Spit Wired

August 16 2010 at 2:18 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

Hey Ho fellow Airfixer's - here's the start of Teddy boy's contribution to the Battle Of Britain Group Build, the iconic 1/24 scale Spitfire! This will be pretty much out of the box, plane on the kit stand, with the electric motor installed. Which is where we begin. As many of you know, the kit instructions offer no information on installing the electric motor:
[linked image]
The instructions that come with the 'purchase-separately' motor would have you install it inside the kit engine, which I want to build as a side display at a later date:
[linked image]
However...on the same sprue as the stand parts are these mysterious looking items. Hmmm. I wonder...
[linked image]
Aha! I knew it! They hold the motor in place inside the engine compartment, all on their own. A perfect fit:
[linked image]
I gathered up some bits from the electronics spare parts box, including a 'flying vee' battery box and an on-off switch:
[linked image]
Now let's tape everything up to see if the motor actually works:
[linked image]
Contact! Switch on! Eureka - it's alive!
[linked image]
I messed up the alignment when I cut out the opening in the base for the on-off switch - it was off centre. So I squared off a piece of sheet styrene to cover up my goof:
[linked image]
All the components seemed to fit okay inside the base:
[linked image]
Blast! A check from the side showed the batteries poking out from the bottom:
[linked image]
The solution was to lay two strips of .040 syrene strip around the edge of the base to raise it up a little:
[linked image]
[linked image]
Okay, now let's glue all the bits inside:
[linked image]
The kit stand is all buttoned up. A thorough soaking with some gloss black will follow later:
[linked image]
Next step: mock up the cockpit and fuselage to check fit and move on from there. 'Till next time!

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